5 Popular Hatchbacks In The UK

Hatchbacks are increasingly popular with motorists of all ages and with varying needs. Whether you’re on the hunt for something sporty, reliable or cost-effective, your options are greater than ever before!

Well equipped and stylish, the hatchback is still a top choice for drivers across the UK. With more and more brands launching newer models regularly, let’s take a look at 5 of the best.

Volkswagen Golf

Simple in design but well balanced and no fuss, the Volkswagen Golf is a firm favourite. With a range of petrol engine sizes to choose from as well as finishes, their latest focus has been on tech and digital functionality.

The new release has seen the entry-level design come with more kit and on-board tech than ever before, keeping costs down but raising standards. Move up a couple of levels to the R-Line spec and get even more additions including an exterior styling kit!

Vauxhall Astra

This popular car is knows for its superb driving on the road. With good steering and a wide range of engine sizes, it’s a popular choice for many. Thanks to its easy-to-source parts, it’s also a cost-effective option.

The latest model has gone through a bit of an overhaul, seeing it rise up the ranks of the family friendly hatchback category. With style, space and low running costs, it’s easy to see why!

Ford Focus

With brilliant handling a steering, it’s easy to see why the Ford Focus made our top 5. Boasting the 29020 award for Best Small Family Car by Parkers, the model offers a roomy interior and an engaging driving experience.

It might look small on the outside, but it really does pack a punch! Plus, it’s easy to source parts and high quality Ford Focus tyres at the drop of a hat.

Seat Leon

Popular with small families, the SEAT Leon is stylish and competitively priced. With ample space in the rear for passengers and a minimalist dashboard, it’s functional and versatile.

Whether you’re popping to the shop, doing the school run or heading for a weekend away, it’s a firm favourite with many.

BMW 1 Series

Although it’s a front-wheel drive, but let’s face it, will you even notice? With a standout trim and great steering, it’s a classic hatchback that never fails to impress. Thanks to its roomier seats, it’s well suited to families and those looking to have a little extra legroom.

Both functional and stylish, it offers either clickwheel, touchscreen or voice controls and your internal options, as well as infotainment systems you can’t fault.

With so many great models to choose from, which will you pick?

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