6 Common Myths About Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you need a criminal defense attorney, be aware of some of the misinformation online. You should know many criminal defense attorney misconceptions if you want to find the best attorney for your case. 

They Don’t Care If You’re Guilty Or Innocent

It isn’t the job of your defense attorney to determine if you’re guilty or innocent. Most attorneys probably feel partial about your innocence or guilt, but that shouldn’t affect the job they do for you. 

Also, it’s common for the government to overcharge defendants. So, it may not be a question of guilt, but the degree. There’s a big difference between, say, second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. 

In the end, it’s up to the judge or jury to decide if you are innocent or guilty, and it’s your attorney’s job to give you the best defense in either case. 

Criminal Defense Attorneys Don’t Tell The Truth

Skilled defense lawyers know how to talk about the facts of the case in a manner that may sow doubt in the jury’s minds. But the truth usually comes out during a trial, so no ethical attorney will lie about your defense. 

Attorneys who are good at their craft should have the verbal skills to navigate a trial in a way that puts the best spin on the evidence in your favor, without resorting to telling untruths. 

You Can Always Use The Public Defender

You should always find a skilled criminal defense attorney if you can afford it. Public defenders are good people, but they’re usually overworked and don’t have the time necessary to defend you, like a private attorney will. 

Also, most public defenders are new attorneys and don’t have the experience required to craft the best defense. Further, some public defenders may not have a stake in whether you’re found innocent or guilty. 

An experienced private defense attorney can leverage their years of skill and knowledge to provide you with the best defense. 

Any Attorney Can Defend You

If you’re accused of causing a car accident that broke the other driver’s hip, would you call your real estate attorney to defend you? Probably not. 

A successful personal injury lawsuit defense requires an experienced attorney who understands personal injury litigation. So choosing a real estate attorney won’t work to defend you in a criminal case. 

Some attorneys work in more than one area of law, but you should work with an attorney on your criminal case who only handles criminal law. After all, it’s your freedom at stake. 

You’ll Get A Free Consultation

Free consultations are common in personal injury law, but not every skilled criminal defense attorney will see you for free the first time. 

You may prefer having an attorney who charges you for their time from the start because this could signify a very successful lawyer. 

Criminal Defense Law Is Sexy

We all have seen TV shows and movies showing the impressive and dazzling defense attorney getting his client off in the trial. But the reality of effective criminal defense is that most of the work happens outside the courtroom. 

A reasonable defense attorney will spend their time investigating the case, going over pleadings, deposing witnesses, filing motions, and more. 

It helps to have an impressive courtroom demeanor, but the most critical work by your attorney is in the weeks leading up to the trial. 

Facing a serious criminal charge is scary; some charges involve prison time, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record. But with a skilled attorney, you might beat the charge. 

If you need an attorney to defend you against a criminal charge, remembering the tips above will help you get the best defense. 


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