8 Best Things About Christmas Traditions In America


Christmas might be celebrated all over the world as one of the biggest festivals in a year but there’s nothing like Christmas in America. Christmas in the United States is something that if you haven’t experienced already then it definitely should be on your list. This festival is full of history and traditions in the USA and is celebrated not just by Christians but people from every religion. It really is America’s most loved festival.

Do you like celebrating this merry occasion too? If so, you might be interested in knowing more about the various traditions related to Christmas in America and we must warn you beforehand, these might make you want to book a flight to the United States right away to celebrate Christmas 2020 there.

  • Setting up the Christmas tree

Have you set up your Christmas tree already? If not, then why not? Well, people in America love Christmas way too much and are excited about this special day for months. Therefore, it’s very common in America to have the Christmas trees set up in houses, shops, streets, etc. from as early as the start of November. Yes, you read that right. The moment Halloween is over, Christmas time begins in America and honestly, we love it. Every place looks so pretty that it automatically puts you in a jolly mood.

Setting up the Christmas tree in American households is a little more special than you might think it to be. It’s not just about putting it up just for the sake of it but it also holds a lot of emotions to it. It is usually done together by all the members of the family who are living together and it’s one such thing that all the family members look forward to.

  • Kissing under the mistletoe

You might have seen it in American movies but kissing under the mistletoe is actually a really sweet and special tradition in America. This romantic tradition started thousands of years ago and has been a symbol of good luck ever since. Infact, as per the original tradition, a man can kiss any woman as long as it’s under the mistletoe and she can’t refuse, otherwise, it would be a symbol of bad luck.

  • Watching the Christmas tree lit up

Watching the Christmas tree lit up is one of the most favorite things to do in America during Christmas time. There are a lot of famous places where thousands of people visit every year to watch their famous Christmas trees getting lit up, for example, the Rockefeller Centre. It feels magical but you won’t ever know how it truly feels unless you actually experience it at least once in your life- put it on your bucket list right away!

  • Go ice skating

Snowfall takes place in most places in America during winter and thus, ice skating is one of the most favorite things to do in the US during Christmas time. Whether you take a trip to the hills and you do ice skating there or you do it at one of the popular ice skating rinks, this is something you definitely shouldn’t miss if you are lucky enough to spend Christmas in America.

  • Attend a local Christmas market/ fair

Christmas markets and fairs are really one of the best and most favorite places to visit during the winter season, especially in America. Filled with lights, love, and laughter- these places will instantly bring a smile to your face.

  • Have a secret Santa exchange

Have you ever done a secret Santa exchange? In case you are not aware of what this actually is, well, in simpler terms it means giving a gift to someone without mentioning it is from you (thus it makes you the secret Santa). You can either do it alone or you can be a part of secret Santa groups where everyone gives a gift to someone in the group but without mentioning who it is actually from- this way you get a gift too (and come on, we all love gifts, don’t we?) Also, why don’t you send Christmas cake this year as a Secret Santa gift to your loved ones?

  • Make a gingerbread house

This is one of the most fun Christmas traditions in America. You can either start from scratch or you can buy a kit and then start decorating it but either way, making a gingerbread house is a must during Christmas in America, and starting from babies to adults, everyone loves it.

  • Mail holiday cards

Sending holiday cards to friends and family for Christmas is a very popular tradition in America and almost everyone does it. The reason why this is so special is that even though there are no rules as to what kind of a card you want to send out, most Americans take this very seriously and thus end up sending personalized ones that are very close to the heart. Therefore, they dress up together as a family or as a couple, or if you are single and not living with your family, you can send out a holiday card that has a picture of you all dressed up with your pet or in front of a well-decorated Christmas tree, etc. and send it to all the near and dear ones. Also, don’t forget to send a delicious New Year cake too!

Christmas in America is not just a festival, it’s a feeling and holds a very special place in everyone’s life there. If you haven’t yet experienced Christma in America, try to do so at least once in our life because this feeling cannot be compared to anything else in the world. There’s a reason why it’s so hyped and unless you physically experience it, you will never know why, and once you do, there’s nowhere in the world where you’d want to rather be but in America during the Christmas season- it’s really true!


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