A Guilt-free, Healthy Indulgence For All Sweet Lovers: Pinni


ÀIndian cuisine is known for its eclectic dishes. It is famous for its main course meals as much as its variety of desserts. Speaking of delicious desserts, Pinni is one such popular sweet dish which is highly appreciated in winter, not only for its yummy taste but also for its many nutritional values.

Originating from the Punjabi household, pinni or panjari is loaded with nutrients. So, you can have your sweet cravings satiated with pinni without having to worry.

Let’s take a look at the health benefits of consuming pinni:

Pinni enhances your resilience to cold:

Pinni keeps the body warm by increasing body temperature. This is why you will find people making pinni right at the onset of winter in colder parts of the country, and keeping it stored in jars. Elements in pinni help in generating heat and aid you to brave the extreme cold. You can avoid falling sick to seasonal infections, virus. Pinnis made with almond, raisin pinni, green cardamom impart the healthy snack a fine, tasty texture and increases the health benefits.

Improves immunity power:

Pinni made with whole wheat, jaggery, desi ghee, nuts, milk- is packed with calcium, iron, vitamin E, C and other essential micro nutrients. Due to Pinni’s high nutritional value, the body naturally gets its immunity strengthened by its adequate consumption.

Beneficial for lactating mothers: You get calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, folate from this sweet dish- pinni. New mothers are fed pinni so that their body can derive all the strength lost during delivery. It acts as a stimulant for milk flow in lactating mothers.

Enhances joint movements:

Eating pinni is known to reduce joint pains. It has the ability to minimise body aches. The lubricating property in pinni makes the joint movements smooth and proper. You will find great relief if you are someone suffering from sore muscles.

Keeps you energised:

Consuming this delectable dessert in sufficient quantity will leave you energised, full, and active. Hence, it can be termed as energy supplier. As it is an excellent source of protein, pinni is highly recommended to fitness enthusiasts as well. You can indulge your sweet-tooth, guilt-fee by having pinnis because they are packed with varied nutritional benefits.

Brimming with micronutrients, Pinni is a great addition to your meal plan. Do have homemade atta pinni, gond k laddu, Urad dal pinni, rice pinni to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle.




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