A Young Filmmaker Camps Outside Mannat To Pitch His Film Story To Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan has been one of the most sought after actors for almost three decades now and even the new generation of filmmakers can’t help but want to work with him. In the latest scoop, a Bengaluru based filmmaker, Jayanth Seege took a rather unique new years resolution. He decided that he wanted SRK to be in his film and flew down to Mumbai to make his dream come true. 

Camping outside Shah Rukh’s residence Mannat, Jayanth has been regularly posting updates on his social media about what he’s been upto. Four days into his trip, Jayanth is enjoying his time by the beach while he awaits SRK’s response. That’s not all, netizens have been promoting his posts so SRK sees them and responds to Seege’s wish. 

Shah Rukh Khan Jayanth Seege

Furthermore, he has also made a poster for the film with SRK in it and has titled the film, Project X. 




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