Advantages of Drinking Water From a Copper Bottle


Since ancient times, we have been accustomed to the culture or practice of storing drinking water in copper vessels to derive maximum benefits from its intake. Though in between we have deviated from such practices, off-late, things have started changing again with all of us becoming super health-conscious. And why not when copper is proven to have some outstanding health benefits!

It contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant properties.

Through oligidynamic effect, copper releases ions in water, which is supposed to bring about many health benefits.

Let’s take a look at the amazing advantages of drinking water from copper bottles:

Keeps anemia at bay:

To prevent low haemoglobin levels the body should be able to absorb iron. Copper aids in the disintegration process of food to make haemoglobin. It enables absorption of iron thereby reducing the risk of anemia. Lower WBC count result due to hematological disorders which is again caused by copper deficiency in the body.

Balances thyroid gland function:

Right amount of copper facilitates thyroid gland functioning, combats harmful effects of excessive hormone secretion from thyroid gland.

Manages Hypertension:

Lower levels of copper in the body lead to blood pressure imbalance. Adequate presence of copper is known to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride levels, thus keeping the hypertension issues at bay.

Treats arthritis:

Copper cures arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis due to its bone strengthening properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties cause relief to inflamed joints.

Good for heart health:

Copper enables blood vessel dilation to ensure proper blood circulation. It gets rid of the plaque deposition from the vessels as well, thereby improving heart health.

Reduces ageing impact on body:

Copper is antioxidant-rich and known to regenerate cells. So, it helps fight the harmful impact of free radicals, thereby taking care of ageing woes. Copper has magical properties to hinder the ageing process.

Good for digestion:

Drinking water in copper utensils is known to boost digestion. It aids in flushing out toxins, kills bad bacteria, alleviates stomach inflammation, improves metabolism. Just make sure not to pour hot water, or store lemon water in copper vessels. Drink plain water by storing it in copper bottles.

Stay healthy and hydrated. Drink water in copper vessels the right way to reap its maximum benefits.




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