Aldi and Lidl share latest lockdown shopping rules – ‘please shop considerately’


Supermarkets including Aldi and Lidl are just two of the food stores that have had to adapt their way of operating over the past nine months. As well as implementing new rules in-store, there are now also more ways than ever for shoppers to pick up groceries in other ways including Click & Collect and through food ordering app Deliveroo.

In a recent letter to customers, Aldi CEO Giles Hurley reassured customers that they do not need to panic buy.

Panic buying and stockpiling saw empty shelves in the first national lockdown back in March, making it hard for people to find essential items they needed.

With the country in its third lockdown, Mr Hurley explained that there are regular deliveries to the supermarket.

He said: “As new Government restrictions are introduced across the UK, I want to reassure you that all our stores are not fully stocked, we have good availability and there are regular deliveries, at least once a day.

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“There are clear signs and social distancing markers advising how to shop safely. We are encouraging payment by card or contactless when possible, with an increased contactless limit of £45.

“We continue to provide NHS, Blue Light and vulnerable customers priority access at specific times.”

If shoppers cannot make it into an Aldi store, there are various other ways to pick up groceries, contact free.

This includes their Click & Collect service, which has recently been expanded to more Aldi supermarkets. 

Mr Hurley explained that customers should visit their website to see what locations provide the service. 

He added: “You may also be able to get Aldi groceries delivered to your home via Deliveroo. Check the Deliveroo app or visit to see if the service is available locally to you.”

Like Aldi, rival Lidl also has a traffic light system in place to ensure the number of people in-store can socially distance.

They also shared the times where the supermarket tends to be most and least busy.

The store tends to be busiest in the morning between 8am-11am and quietest from 2pm onwards. 

The website said: “Of course some stores will slightly vary, and make sure you check your local store opening hours too.”

New changes to the bakery are also in place including using disposable gloves instead of tongs to pick up loose items so ensure no germs are being spread.

The website added: “The next time you show with us, you’ll notice we’ve put trolley and basket cleaning stations in place, along with antiviral disinfectant and hand sanitiser for sanitising your hands.

“We’d like to ask you to please clean your basket or trolley before you shop.”

The retailer is also urging people not to stockpile and explained that their stores are replenished everyday. 




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