All the Important Information about the SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master Certification by KnowledgeHut

A Scrum Master is a Lean-Agile leader of a team who has a Lean-Agile mindset. He helps the team to inculcate core values of SAFe and adopt, apply and implement SAFe principles and practices. KnowledgeHut offers an SSM Course to prepare a person to be the next best SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master and get hired in top companies. It provides a lot of additional benefits in the Scrum Master journey of the candidate enrolled in its training. The article features all the important details about the SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master training course and certification that you need to know.

With the help of the detailed SSM Training Course provided by KnowledgeHut, you’ll be able to deliver maximum business value at scale. You’ll become an expert Scrum Master who is trained in all fields related to leadership, Lean-Agile, and SAFe 5.1. You’ll understand the key concepts and important skills to work in an enterprise as a Scrum Master who can successfully lead a team. You’ll learn to plan and execute Program Increment (primary enabler to align the Scaled Agile Framework throughout the entire organization). By the end of the completion of this course, you’d be ready to face any challenge at work because you’ll know to build high-performing Agile teams, and based on the strength of each member you’ll know what work to assign to each of them.

The 16-hour training includes live instruction-led sessions and interactive workshops to master core values of SAFe 5.1 and key concepts of Agile at scale development. You’ll learn to facilitate Scrum throughout the enterprise by becoming a servant leader and coach. The certification is offered by the Scaled Agile, Incorporation to practitioners who complete the training and demonstrate their knowledge by passing the SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master examination. Since KnowledgeHut is a Gold SPCT Partner of Scaled Agile rest assured that you’d receive world-class training to prepare you for not only the certification but also the real world.

Key Features of the SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master Training Course Offered by KnowledgeHut

  • Live instructor-led online training session by an elite panel of accredited SAFe program consultants having decades of experience is provided for 16 hours to prepare you on your journey. You can clear all your doubts then and there and it also provides a study environment for you to grasp information quickly.
  • Occasionally, there will be high-energy experiential workshops with hands-on learning to prepare you for the real-world through Agile activities, practical case studies, and team-based projects to have leadership experience.
  • You’ll gain real-world tips and tricks, along with time-tested techniques from highly educated mentors to help you face the real world when you start working.
  • After you’ve completed the entire training course, you’ll earn 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs which will be very beneficial for your portfolio.
  • Comprehensive exam support like study material and mentor guidance is also provided to help you clear the exam in your very first attempt and gain the SAFe Scrum Master Certification.
  • The exam fee is included in the course fee. Therefore, you don’t have to pay any additional after the completion of the course to give your exam.
  • Besides the two-day training, you get a 1-year free SAFe Community Platform Membership through which you become a part of the SAFe community of scrum masters and workers from all around the world. The membership is a gateway to the largest Scaled Agile Community of Practice where you’ll learn the principles and methods of SAFe to become an expert Scrum Master along with various other practitioners.
  • KnowledgeHut understands that self-learning is also important and provides continual learning support to you on your journey for as long as a time as you need it. The support includes tutorials, e-books, webinars, interview questions, and articles.
  • The support is not limited to training and examination, post-class career support is also provided through guidance by mentors to help you face new challenges in your Scrum career.

Why Should You Choose to be a SAFe Scrum Master in Today’s World

A huge percentage of Fortune 100 companies and Global 2000 actively employ SAFe by hiring certified SAFe professionals and on-site consultants across the world. By the data provided by Scaled Agile, Incorporation, there are over 800,000 practitioners trained to date, which means that a SAFe Scrum Master professional has a highly valued and demanding job. SAFe is considered to be one of the most efficient and hence, the most popular scaling methods of all the Agile scaling frameworks (14th State of Agile survey report). Its popularity has outpaced Scrum@Scale recently by 19%.

Top brands from across the globe, including Bosch, Anthem, Lockheed Martin, PepsiCo, Cisco, FitBit Standard Chartered, AstraZeneca, CapitalOne, and Thales use the SAFe Agile Framework to boost quality, ascend productivity, and improve time-to-market, job satisfaction, and employee engagement. Since the demand for professionals with SAFe expertise is rapidly growing, the demand for Scrum Masters is more than ever. They are highly efficient and therefore in demand to create and run high-performance across teams at the enterprise level.

Now is the time, to take some action and become the next big SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master and lead an enterprise to a bright future. Take the two-day SSM Training Course and enhance your skills, upgrade your knowledge, and gain expertise in various domains of SAFe 5.1 and its principles and methods. Become a Certified Scrum Master who not only gets big checks but makes others fulfill their job roles as well by becoming a leader. You’ll capitalize on the high demand across industries once you attain a job. To become a certified SAFe Scrum Master you just have to take the training course offered by KnowledgeHut, pass the exam, get the certification, and get hired. KnowledgeHut offers a plethora of benefits to people who get trained from its courses. The benefits range from highly immersive training with live instructor-led sessions and workshops to exam support and SAFe Community Platform Membership.

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