Avoid These Damaging Food Items to Prevent Hair Loss


Have you wondered why you have been losing hair all of a sudden? Though it could be for many reasons, food habit is one of the crucial factors behind hair fall.

After all, you are what you eat. So if you are currently experiencing hair loss, there is a high chance that you have been putting the wrong food in your system. It’s time to re-evaluate your food habit. Eat right to stop hair loss.

Avoid these damaging food items to prevent hair loss:

Junk food:

Eating too much of oily, fast food interferes with your bodily functions. The excess oil in the fries, chips, greasy burgers clog your pores, giving you unhealthy scalp, causing rampant hair fall.

White sugar:

Consumption of refined sugar is very damaging for the body. Hair requires protein to grow and stay nourished. But sugar obstructs the absorption of protein. Avoid foods with high sugar content. Also, avoid artificial sweeteners and switch to natural sweeteners like honey, jaggery, instead.

High-glycemic foods:

Starchy white bread, white yam, cakes, pasta- all of these foods cause sugar spike on consumption as they break down into sugar. They cause hair follicle to shrink causing limp, brittle hair deprived of nourishment. High-glycemic foods increase androgen levels in the body. Avoid them to prevent hair loss.

Diet soda:

Though it is good for weight loss, diet soda is not good for hair health. It has aspartame which is an artificial sweetener, and known to cause thinning of hair leading to hair fall.


Alcohol consumption causes dehydration. It leaves your body low in zinc- which is supposed to contribute in hair growth. You get brittle, breakage prone hair as a result.

High mercury intake:

While some fish can be good for hair, one must stay away from high-mercury fish such as shark, mackerel, swordfish; as excess mercury leads to hair fall.

Foods mentioned above being insufficient in vitamins, minerals, fail to supply essential nutrients to promote hair growth. Rather, the harmful ingredients present in them worsen and leave your hair malnourished. Eat healthy to prevent hair loss.




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