Batman One Million Just Got the Most Powerful DC Costume Ever


Batman: Urban Legends #7 just debuted a new Batsuit worn by the Dark Knight featured in DC One Million, and it is arguably the best.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “The Batman With No Name” from Batman: Urban Legends #7, on sale now

The Batman of DC One Million lives in the 853rd Century, ensuring the legacy of the Dark Knight continues into the distant future. Assigned to Pluto as the warden of the planet-spanning prison that has been established on the celestial body, Batman’s technology and weaponry has greatly benefited by the sheer scope of his time period’s potential.

He also just revealed his super-advanced version of the Batsuit in the story “The Batman With No Name” (by Kenny Porter, Baldemar Rivas, Alejandro Sanchez, and Tom Napolitano) from Batman: Urban Legends #7. The suit is unlike anything any other version of the Dark Knight has ever worn, and has the ability to morph into different Batsuits on command.

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Batman One Million Dark Knight

Over the decades of just Bruce Wayne’s life, there have been numerous takes on the Batsuit, each providing their own strengths to the Dark Knight given certain circumstances. But the Batman of DC One Million is able to use any and all of them at the drop of a hat. He showcases his suit when he comes up against four dangerous villains who try to stage an escape from Pluto. Each of the four — Hades, Holo-Body, Reader, and Cry-O — have different power-sets, meaning a single approach isn’t going to work. Instead, after Robin lures them into Batman’s path, the newest Dark Knight takes them on one-by-one, employing a different incarnation of the Batsuit for each.

The shapeshifting Holo-Body is a quick and adaptable fighter — but by swapping into the Dark Knight Suit (i.e. the original costume worn by Bruce Wayne), Batman gains access to a number of gadgets. This includes a powerful EMP that he uses to knock out Holo-Body. Next up is Hades, who has enhanced strength and durability befitting the descendant of both Vandal Savage and Bane. To contend with him, Batman uses the Knightfall Armor, converting his suit into the type of armor worn by Jean-Paul Valley during his tenure as the Dark Knight. Thanks to the enhanced strength that comes as a result of the armor, Batman makes quick work of the otherwise formidable Hades.

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Batman One Million Zur-En-Arrh

Thanks to his psychic abilities, Reader would potentially present the greatest threat to Batman in a fight. He seems to gain the upper hand momentarily, attacking Batman’s mind and targeting his traumas. In response, this Batman activates the Zur-En-Arrh Suit, which blocks out any and all telepathic assaults. Donning the bizarre fusion of purple, yellow, and red that are distinct for the backup Batman personality, the hero is able to overwhelm and defeat Reader. Finally facing off with Cry-O, the Bat is frozen in place, but thanks to the maneuverability and speed of the Batman Beyond armor, he is able to break loose to contend with his assailant.

This is arguably the most impressive Batsuit in history, one capable of embodying any and all other variations of the costume. As Batman explains, it gives him a connection to almost every other person who has worn the costume before him, and turns their legacy into his weapon. It’s the ultimate weaponization of the idea of Batman, granting someone skilled, smart, and savvy enough to become the Dark Knight the capabilities of his predecessors. It’s the sort of armor that Bruce Wayne can only dream about, and is the perfect tool for the absurd extremes that can exist within the DC One Million time period.

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