Black Widow Brings a Deadly New Villain Duo to the Marvel Universe


Natasha and Yelena’s latest outing has just introduced a new deadly duo to the Marvel Universe, and they are just as unsettling as they are lethal.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Black Widow #11, available now from Marvel Comics.

Since jumpstarting her own heroic endeavors alongside Yelena Belova and the rest of the Web, Natasha Romanoff has been playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the villainous Apogee. With his cult-like followers, Apogee created more problems for the Widows than they ever could have expected. Thankfully, the threat of an army of unhinged, superpowered devotees has been quelled, giving the Widows some much needed breathing room. Unfortunately, their respite has just been cut short by the arrival of the Marvel Universe’s latest deadly duo who have been eagerly waiting for their shot at taking down the world’s foremost superspy.

Taking down Apogee and his followers should have been a major win for the Widows, but a visit to one of her contacts makes it clear to Natasha that things aren’t over between them. Maxi, an old friend with his ear to the underground, tells Nat about a couple of twins who will know far more than he does. Despite describing the two as “rich jerks,” Maxi still provides Natasha with all the information she needs to seek the twins out. Not long after, Natasha and Yelena make their way to a lush and luxurious circus themed event to finally meet “The Twins,” though nothing could have prepared them for the vicious introduction that awaits them.

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When they are introduced in Black Widow #11 by Kelly Thompson, Rafael de Latorre, Jordie Bellaire and VC’s Cory Petit, the twins Live and Lars are immediately an unsettling pair. Otherwise known as the Hub, these two finish each other’s sentences, seemingly thinking in tandem. It doesn’t take long for them to launch an assault on the Widows, with the brawny Liv taking on Natasha while the slim Lars takes his chances with Yelena. Once Black Widow has Liv in her grasp, the twins unveil their power to share their body mass, letting Liv slip right out of Natasha’s grasp while Lars becomes a much more formidable threat. This doesn’t stop the Widows, however, and the heroes are able to easily goad Liv into overloading her own strength at the expense of her brother’s life. With that, the fight comes to its conclusion — although the Widows still have business to attend to.

Natasha and Yelena hadn’t come looking for a fight, but rather information regarding Apogee, who they already know is somehow still alive. The Twins are happy to tell the Widows about the upcoming Golden Gate Gala, a formal affair hiding dark secrets beneath all of its glitz and glamor. As people with powers, Liv and Lars are themselves concerned with whatever it is that is happening under the surface of the Gala, and as such, they implore the Widows to put a stop to it. They even leave the heroes with the revelation that all of this directly affects Apogee as well — an ominous warning to be sure, yet not an unsurprising one. Also unsurprising is the fact that as soon as their guests have left, the twins take the opportunity to seemingly turn on them in spite of the help they just offered.

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As petty as they are unnerving, the twins reach out to some unseen figure to warn them of the Widows’ impending arrival. From the looks of things, this is all just the pair having fun sewing chaos, even if it will likely blow back at them in the near future. For such remarkable figures who made such an unforgettable first impression, it’s hard to imagine that readers won’t be seeing more of the twins in the days to come. With any luck, they won’t be a problem when they show up again.

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