Brand New ‘Verse Confirms the Universe’s Most Resilient Power


Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse confirms one of the most powerful entities in the galaxy and hints that they’ve become even more confident and brazen.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse #1 by Josh Lee Gordon, Fabiana Mascolo, Lucia DiGiamarino and Jim Campbell, on sale now

The universe of Firefly largely centers on the outskirts of the universe, with the crew of Serenity trying to carve out a living in an ever-shrinking galaxy. Throughout the series though, one major group has been hinted to be the greatest source of power in creation: the Blue Sun Corporation.

Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse confirms that the Blue Sun Corporation is still alive and thriving even two decades after the events of Serenity,  and hints that they may have even become even more powerful over the years.

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The Blue Sun Corporation is one of the most powerful entities in the Firefly universe. The company owns a controlling stake in almost all forms of society that spread across the galaxy, with their logo being a frequently seen element across the original series and the various spin-off comics and stories. Blue Sun provides plenty of life-saving equipment and supplies to settlers as they terraform more and more planets, giving them a greater monopoly over society than any other business could ever hope to achieve.

Along the way, the Blue Sun Corporation has used that power to further establish itself as the true power within the galaxy — with various members of the Alliance Parliament and Armies quietly serving at their discretion. The Blue Sun’s science divisions that worked with the alliance on various projects, ranging from the lethal mechanical sentries modeled after Mal Reynolds from Firefly: Blue Sun Rising to the experiments that resulted in River Tam becoming such a potent and powerful threat. In the original Firefly series, River and Simon Tam were on the run from the Blue Sun Corporation after Simon rescued her from their cruel experiments. Known throughout the galaxy for their wares, the Blue Sun Corporation even gains a certain level of disconnect from the Alliance, dodging any blame that comes their way for various controversies.

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This seems to have worked out in Blue Sun’s favor, as even the events of Serenity — which revealed to the galaxy just how devious some of the experiments being conducted by the Alliance really were — haven’t seemed to slow them down. Along with the Alliance itself, the Blue Sun Corporation has survived in-tact in the two decades that have taken place since Serenity. This is confirmed when Zoë — the last of the original Serenity crew still aboard and the current captain of the smuggling vessel — assigns her current crew to rob a Blue Sun ship of its cargo. To gain access to the ship, Zoë turns to her former crewmate Inara, who is able to use her connections as a Companion Guild Priestess to learn about the shipment.

If anything, Blue Sun seems to have become even more confident in its power. Its shipments can travel through space with no Alliance guard, suggesting the Corporation is both unconcerned with attacks and powerful enough to force the Alliance to simply turn a blind eye to its dealings. Considering its shipment turns out to include a mysterious young woman contained within a crate, it’s obvious that Blue Sun is still up to no good. But how much more powerful has the Corporation really become? The crew of the Serenity likely just found themselves attracting some unwanted attention from the group, so there’s a chance Zoë will find out soon enough.

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