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The first ekadashi of the year, Saphala Ekadashi will be observed on January 9, 2021. It is the day that falls on the 11th day of the month Pausha in the Hindu Calendar during the Krishna Paksha. The day is also called Pausha Krishna Ekadashi.

There are two ekadash is that fall in every month, one in Krishna Paksha, while the other in Shukla Paksha. There are 24 ekadashi that are observed every year.

The significance of Saphala Ekadashi is that the devotees of Hindu God Vishnu observe a fast on this day. The fast starts on the day of the ekadashi and breaks the next day after sunrise. The devotees seek forgiveness for the sins of their current and past lives. They also pray for prosperity and peace in their life ahead.

Timings for Saphala Ekadashi 2021

The tithi for Saphala Ekadashi 2021 will begin on January 8 at around 9:40 pm and will last till 7:17 pm on January 9.

Prayers and Rituals forSaphala Ekadashi 2021

On Saphala Ekadashi, devotees of Lord Vishnu start a fast at dawn. The fast continues into the next day, that is the Dwadashi. Devotees break the fast on Dwadashi at sunrise. The rituals of Saphala Ekadashi are similar to other ekadashis. Devotees are expected to bathe and then start praying to Lord Vishnu after spraying the water from the holy river Ganga.

Things which are considered pious to please Lord Vishnu should be offered to him. These include coconut, betel nut and fruits. For performing puja, it is required that devotees also light incense sticks.

A special dish is prepared which is offered to the Lord on this day. The bhog is offered to Lord Vishnu after the devotees read the story about the fast of Saphala Ekadashi.

Along with Lord Vishnu, another Hindu God Krishna is also prayed on Saphala Ekadashi. Some people also organise Satyanarayan Katha on Saphala Ekadashi.




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