Deadpool & the Invisible Woman Are Marvel’s Most Dysfunctional Team


Marvel Unlimited’s Deadpool: Invisible Touch proves shows why Deadpool and one of Marvel’s strongest heroes are too different to work together.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Deadpool: Invisible Touch #3, available now on Marvel Unlimited.

Throughout his career, Deadpool has teamed up with many of Marvel’s more straight-laced heroes, and their interactions often highlight the difference between Deadpool’s unhinged enthusiasm and the more conventional approach to crimefighting that the rest of Marvel’s heroes employ. As a result, most of these team-ups have ended with Deadpool’s partner parting ways with him in a state of complete and utter frustration after enduring several issues of non-stop wise-cracks, one-liners, and uncontrollable outbursts of violence.

Although Deadpool’s previous team-ups with the deadpan Wolverine and the well-grounded Spider-Man have been strained, none of them has been quite as jarring as his current partnership with the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman. Deadpool: Invisible Touch #3 (by Gerry Duggan, Lucas Werneck, Geaffo, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Sabino) puts the contrast between Deadpool and Invisible Woman on full display, with the conflict between the Merc with the Mouth’s causal flippancy and Susan’s no-nonsense professionalism ultimately causing the duo more trouble than the supervillain they’re trying to capture.

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Deadpool and Invisible Girl’s partnership began in the first issue of the series after the villain Spot escaped an underground auction with a flash drive containing the patents for Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic’s inventions. Not wanting the legal rights of her husband’s work to fall into the wrong hands, Invisible Woman reluctantly accepted Deadpool’s help, as he also wanted to recover the flash drive to repair his fractured relationship with Captain America. Through his ties to the criminal underworld, Deadpool was able to acquire the current address of The Bar with No Name, where the two learned that Spot had arranged a meeting with his lawyer in a nearby park, and accompany the attorney in meeting him there.

Unfortunately, Spot manages to ambush them first through his ability to generate portals. Deadpool rushes in with his guns and swords, ignoring Sue’s warning that Spot is luring him into a trap. When the mercenary unloads a hail of bullets into the nearby trees in an attempt to hit Spot, a horrified Invisible Woman disarms him and destroys his guns. Spot immediately takes advantage of this distraction by attacking Sue from a distance, using his portals to trip her up and stay out of range of her shields. Deadpool attempts to get in close and stab Spot with his sword, but the villain uses his portals to re-direct his attack. Eventually, Invisible Woman does manage to catch Spot in one of her shields, but the villain throws off her concentration by implying that he might be acting as a distraction to lure her away from the Baxter Building, giving him a chance to escape.

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Even before Deadpool and Invisible Woman engaged with Spot, the contrast between them was clear. Deadpool is impulsive and short-sighted, giving little thought to the consequences of his actions, while Sue Richards is calm and perceptive, carefully weighing the pros and cons of every decision she makes. This disparity is also apparent through each of their fighting styles and approaches to combat. Deadpool’s usual method of combat is brute force, using his weaponry to overwhelm his enemies before they can react. In contrast, Invisible Woman rarely ever engages her foes in direct combat, preferring to use stealth and strategy to outsmart and outmaneuver her opponents. And while Deadpool’s long career as a mercenary and Invisible Woman’s history as a longstanding member of the Fantastic Four both indicate that their respective combat styles are effective when they’re used on their own, they are utterly incompatible when they are used together.

Despite Deadpool’s insistence that the two make a great team, the fact that Spot was able to escape from them so easily is proof that the Merc With a Mouth doesn’t work well with the Invisible Woman. Their demeanors are so contrasting that almost every interaction they have ends in some kind of argument, and their fighting styles are so different that they tend to damage each other more than their opponent. To save the Richards’ family secrets, Deadpool and Invisible Woman will have to figure some way to overcome their fundamental inability to work with one another.

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