Deadpool’s On-Again, Off-Again Love Interest, Outlaw, Is Ready for the MCU


Despite relatively few appearances, Domino’s mercenary ally (and Deadpool’s occasional love interest) Outlaw would be perfect for the MCU.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is poised to bring a host of characters to the big screen over the next few years, including characters associated with the X-Men who were procured in the purchase of 20th Century Fox. This also extended to Deadpool and his supporting cast, including one underutilized character who could use the extra time in the spotlight.

Who is Outlaw, the Domino ally (and occasional Deadpool love interest) — and why should she make the leap to the big screen?

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The descendant of an old west hero, Inez Temple was born in Texas and eventually realized she was a mutant. Gifted with enhanced strength, stamina, and endurance, Inez used her powers as a freelance mercenary. She had a few early encounters with Deadpool, and was drawn into his life during a period where he was believed dead. Training and working alongside Agent X, who had his own connection to Deadpool, Outlaw began to develop feelings for the mercenary. But his romance with Sandi (another friend of Deadpool’s) resulted in her turning her back on him until the arrival of Black Swan and the return of Deadpool prompted a team-up with her allies.

Outlaw became a more notable figure after the events of M-Day. By happenstance, she was one of the 198 mutants believed to retain their powers following the catastrophic event. After a brief stint at the Xavier Institute, she resumed her mercenary ways and became sporadically involved with Deadpool. She would go on to become a background player in various X-Men storylines, appearing at various times on Utopia and recently on Krakoa. She was last prominently seen as a member of Domino’s Posse aka the Hotshots, a mercenary band of women who Domino has befriended over the years, alongside Diamondback, Black Widow, White Fox, and Atlas Bear.

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Unfortunately, Outlaw is one of the most underutilized characters from Deadpool’s corner of the Marvel Universe. Introduced as a self-possessed and capable incarnation of a classic bombshell character, Outlaw was created by Gail Simone and Udon Studios with a certain amount of awareness and capability that other characters like her often lack. It allows her to be a genuinely heroic wildcard, with her rapport with others often making her a fun and unique element in stories. Her abilities give her the strength and viability she needs in conflict, while her distinct Texan origin has given her a consistent but straightforward element for creators to latch onto.

Outlaw has a lot of potential that is well worth tapping into. Her connection to Deadpool gives her an easy in to larger stories or adaptations, considering his immense popularity. She works perfectly against or with him as a friendly rival or even potential love interest and can join him in the field in a way that others can’t. She’s a fun subversion of the “bombshell” archetype, coming with her own morals, traumas, and character to back up her impressive combat skills. She can also go toe-to-toe with Wade in terms of snarking, and is strong enough to hold her own in a fight.

It would be great to see the character get a better chance to shine in the spotlight, as she’s one of the more engaging of Deadpool’s love interests from over the years. She’d be a perfect addition to the MCU alongside Deadpool, especially considering her non-complicated history and the ease with which she could be adapted into the movie universe.

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