Elon Musk confirms: Twitter plans to launch a video app for Smart TVs

Twitter, the microblogging platform, is set to launch a video app for smart TVs, according to Twitter owner Elon Musk. Musk confirmed this in response to a user who expressed the need for a Twitter video app for Smart TVs. Musk’s reply was simply, “It’s coming.”

A user on Twitter named S-M Robinson tweeted, “We really need a Twitter video app for Smart TVs. I’m not watching an hour-long video on Twitter.” Musk’s confirmation of the app’s development was in response to this tweet.

The conversation continued with the user expressing appreciation for the upcoming video app, suggesting it could replace the need for YouTube. Musk’s acknowledgment of this possibility implies that Twitter’s video app aims to compete with YouTube.

Elon Musk is leading several changes on Twitter, including a focus on video content, creator partnerships, and commerce collaborations, as reported by the New York Post. Musk’s plan to pay creators for ads served in their replies with a total block payment of $5 million demonstrates Twitter’s efforts to support content creators.

In addition, Twitter recently announced an update that allows verified users to upload videos up to 2 hours long. Musk shared this news on Twitter, highlighting the potential for podcasts and the advantages of the new feature for content creators.

Twitter’s emphasis on video, creator collaborations, and commerce partnerships underscores the platform’s intention to diversify its revenue streams and expand beyond digital advertising, as outlined in an investor presentation by CEO Linda Yaccarino and owner Elon Musk, as reported by Reuters.