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Elvis Presley started an incredible amount of trends over the years. Not only did the singer popularise Rock n Roll using his blues-inspired music and guitars, he also kickstarted a new collection of fashion trends. His coiffed hair and flared jumpsuits are legendary, prompting fans to copy these styles all the way up to 2021. However, one of the oddest pieces of the Elvis story has to do with his eating habits. According to legend, the singer had a favourite sandwich which had a strange concoction of ingredients.

The Elvis sandwich is a toasted bread sandwich slathered in peanut butter, with banana and bacon inside.

This bizarre collection of tastes and textures has scoured the globe as the King’s favourite snack, and has found itself on a number of restaurant menus over the decades.

Although this snack is world famous, Elvis’ fiancée, Ginger Alden, once told of how it wasn’t really a part of his diet.

The star was engaged to the Jailhouse Rock singer for just under a year before he tragically died on August 16, 1977.

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Ginger explained in an interview that, during that time, she never saw him eat the famous Elvis sandwich.

Speaking in an interview in 2014, Ginger spoke candidly about Elvis’ final days in Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, where he died of a cardiac arrest.

She said: “There are exaggerations like Elvis wasn’t happy his last year, was depressed.

“Sitting up there eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches (which I never once saw him eat one of those the nine months I was with him).”

This weekend was what would have been Elvis’ 86-year-old birthday.

To celebrate the star’s life, Graceland put on a display for fans and visitors to enjoy, in order to commemorate the singer’s career.

His ex-wife, Pricilla Presley, also made a statement on her Facebook account to pay tribute to her ex-husband.

She wrote on the social media website: “It’s difficult to believe Elvis would be 86 today, January 8. I think back and wonder… if he were here today, how would he celebrate in the year 2021?”

Priscilla continued: “It’s not really hard as Elvis was somewhat… a creature of habit. I believe he would be celebrating exactly the same way.

“Having a small amount of his friends, family and his Memphis Mafia all gathered at Graceland. I can almost hear his laugh, see him joking around, and know he would be staying up into the early morning hours… ending at the piano singing gospel songs.

“Elvis, lost in the lyrics, as if no one was around. Then as the song comes to an end and with a slight smile, turns to his guest and nods with satisfaction as everyone applauds for more. Those are cherished moments embedded in my mind.”

She touchingly added: “Elvis was uncomfortable and a bit shy in receiving presents. Your presence was enough. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elvis.”





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