Esha Deol’s Instagram account gets hacked 


Cybercrime and hacking stories are increasing in tinsel town and not just the common man, even our celebrities are falling prey to it. In several months many of our B-town celebrities’ accounts have been hacked and now Esha Deol reports the same.

On Sunday, Esha Deol took to her Twitter account to inform everyone about her Instagram account being hacked. She urged everyone not to reply to any of the DMs and also to be safe from certain accounts who are posing to be the real account of the photo-sharing app. Sharing the pictures she tweeted saying, ‘This morning my official Instagram account imeshadeol got Hacked , so please don’t reply to any msg if you received any from my Instagram account. Sorry for the inconvenience. Insta Id : imeshadeol.’ Now that was great of the actress to put it out there and help others too.

Esha Deol

Sussanne Khan was too a victim of this cybercrime when her account was hacked a couple of weeks back. She had also posted a picture to make sure that not to reply to fake emails which are not authentic, “Hello everyone, my Instagram account was hacked by a fake email pretending to be Instagram. I didn’t realise that it was not authentic and so I clicked on the button. I write this sincere note, please do not click on any dodgy emails or messages. A huge ‘Thank you’ to the great team of Instagram for quickly salvaging the situation and helping me get my account back. Stay safe from viral thieves and bandits.” Let’s hope this cybercrime comes to an end and more people do not fall prey to it.




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