Every Way the X-Men Villain Died in the Marvel Universe


Even before the modern age of resurrection on Krakoa, many of the X-Men and their enemies have died and come back from the dead in numerous ways over the years. One mutant with a particularly long record of resurrections is Magneto, the longtime villain and occasional hero of the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe.

Now, we’re taking a closer look at all of the times when Magneto died or was convincingly thought to be dead for an extended period of time.

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Following the apparent death of Charles Xavier (in reality Changeling posing as Xavier), Magneto targeted the team in X-Men #43-#45 by Roy Thomas, George Tuska, Werner Roth, Don Heck and Avengers #53 by Thomas and John Buscema. After capturing them, Magneto allowed Angel to escape and bring in the Avengers in an attempt to lure them into a trap. But the plan failed, and his base was set to explode. Magneto attempted to escape aboard a fleeing airplane, but Toad — having grown tired with Magneto’s verbal and physical abuse — finally lashed out and kicked him off the side of the plane as it took off. Magneto seemingly fell back to the base and was believed killed in the ensuing explosion. However, X-Men #62 by Roy Thomas and Neal Adams revealed he survived by tunneling through the Earth and discovering a path to the Savage Land.

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Settling into the Savage Land, Magneto gained power in the prehistoric region by building an army of Savage Land Mutates. Coming to be known as the Master, Magneto sought to conquer the world. Fearing the impact and influence he could gain if allowed to continue creating his mutates, Ka-Zar worked with the mutant heroes in X-Men #62 & #63 by Roy Thomas and Neal Adams to challenge the villain. The group was able to overwhelm the mutates and destroy the machines creating the Mutates. Magneto seemingly perished in the ensuing fires — only to survive by falling through the collapsing floor. He eventually came up against the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #102 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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After a lengthy period of trying to be a more noble figure, Magneto retreated to his satellite base Asteroid M in X-Men #1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. Alongside his Acylotes, he discovered that Moira MacTaggert had genetically altered him and potentially changed his way of thinking. During an ensuing battle with the X-Men, Fabian Cortez betrayed Magneto and arranged for his death by sabotaging Asteroid M. However, Magneto refused to escape with the X-Men — seemingly perishing with the station. Shortly before the events of “Fatal Attractions,” Magneto was revealed to have survived thanks to the sacrifice of his acolyte Chrome.


After becoming the ruler of Genosha, Magneto prepared to take control of the world. During the events of Eve of Destruction by Scott Lobdell, Leinil Francis Yu, Salvador Larroca and Tom Raney, Magneto prepared for a fresh war against humanity. When given the chance, Wolverine seriously wounded Magneto by stabbing him through the stomach. Still recovering from his injuries on Genosha, Magneto was seemingly killed in Cassandra Nova’s attack on the island nation in New X-Men #115 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly, when a legion of Sentinels descended on the island and tried to kill every mutant there. However, he soon resurfaced.

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In New X-Men #146 by Grant Morrison and Phil Jimenez, a new teacher at the Xavier Institute, Xorn, was revealed to be Magneto. Having snuck into the X-Men while posing as the powerful mutant, Magneto was able to turn members of the Xavier Institute against the teachings the X-Men had long preached. After killing over 5,000 humans and promising to wipe out more, Magneto was overwhelmed in New X-Men #150, but killed Jean Grey before being beheaded by Wolverine.

In reality, this had indeed been Xorn posing as Magneto. — The true Magneto, who’d mysteriously survived the attack on Genosha (House of M by Brian Michael Bendis and Oliver Copiel hinted that Scarlet Witch altered reality to restore him), was found by Xavier in Excalibur #1, by Chris Claremont and Aaron Lopresti, in the ruins of Genosha.


In the build-up to Secret Wars, the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe tried many different things to stave off the final Incursion that would effectively end the Marvel Multiverse. As Earth-1610 (the Ultimate Universe) approached the core-Marvel Universe of Earth-616, Magneto did his best to save the world in Magneto #18-#19 by Cullen Bunn and Paul Davidson. As he revealed to his daughter Polaris, Magneto intended to use as much power as he could from the Earth itself in a bid to destroy the other Earth before it wiped out his world. But despite his best efforts, Magneto was overwhelmed and unable to destroy the other world before the Incursion completed — resulting in the deaths of Magneto and everyone else on the planet. Following the reconstruction of the multiverse after Secret Wars, Magneto was revived.


Following the conflict between the mutants and the Inhumans over the M-Pox, Magneto assembled a new team of X-Men that would be willing to cross moral lines to complete their mission of protecting mutants. One of the people he was able to recruit to his team was Betsy Braddock, aka Psylocke. After learning of his new ties to the Hellfire Club, Psylocke confronted him in Uncanny X-Men #19 by Cullen Bunn and Edgar Salazar and, after a short battle, mortally wounded him with a psionic blade to the chest. Out of an act of mercy, Psylocke used her psionic powers to kill him quickly. However, Exodus and Exlir quickly discovered Magneto and restored him to life.

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