Everything You Need to Know About Hasbro’s Retro Spider-Man Wave


The newest Marvel Legends wave mixes comic versions of MCU favorites with Spider-Man action figures inspired by ’90s Toy Biz releases.

For years now, Hasbro has brought the Marvel Universe to life in plastic through its Marvel Legends action figures, and that’s still the case. Hasbro Pulse has recently revealed the newest wave of Marvel Legends, an action figure line dedicated to bringing fans young and old their favorite heroes and villains in articulated, action-packed ways.

This wave is focused mainly on Spider-Man’s mythology, particularly figures inspired by the old-school Toy Biz line from the ’90s, along with several other characters. From web-slinging heroes to ghoulish goblins and trickster villains, these new toys are available for pre-order through Hasbro Pulse and are fit to complete any toy hunter’s collection. Here’s a list of what the latest in the line include.

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Symbiote Spider-Man

One long-awaited new figure that’s already sold out is the black-suited Symbiote Spider-Man. This 6″ figure of course represents Peter Parker after he came into contact with the alien Venom symbiote, with the darker duds replacing his usual evening attire in Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck’s Secret Wars #8. The dynamic figure based on Toy Biz’s version of the iconic look includes four alternate hands to imitate web-shooting action.

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The fearsome Hobgoblin also hails from Spider-Man’s ’80s adventures, debuting in Roger Stern and John Romita Jr’s Amazing Spider-Man #238 in 1983. This villain has an ever-smiling hooded visage, as well as an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Along with his Goblin Glider, he also comes with a Bag of Tricks and a signature Pumpkin Bomb, making him ready to ruin Spider-Man’s day.

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Hammerhead has menaced Spider-Man and his allies since his 1972 debut in Amazing Spider-Man #113, by Gerry Conway and John Romita. His inclusion here represents his appearance in the Spider-Man ’90s cartoon, complete with his signature pinstripe suit. This fairly realistic looking 6″ figure is one of the few figures of its kind for the character, making it a smashing hit for collectors. Hammerhead comes with a “Maggia Slugger” baseball bat, as well as two extra hands.

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Ben Reilly Spider-Man

Before Peter Parker’s heroic clone steps back into Spider-Man’s shoes, Ben Reilly’s original tenure as Spider-Man is being represented here in toy form. This “Sensational Spider-Man” costume is the suit he wore after he officially took the mantle of Spider-Man from Peter Parker, which had a different design for a larger spider emblem. Like the aforementioned Symbiote suit, he comes with four different hands, with some representing him shooting his webs.

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Armored Spider-Man

When Spider-Man had to face the New Enforcers in 1993’s Web of Spider-Man #100, by Terry Kavanagh and Alex Saviuk, he created the Armored Spider-Man suit to protect himself from more powerful munitions used by his enemies. Though it slowed him down, he made him physically even more resistant as well as bulletproof. This slightly bulkier toy comes with two alternate hands as well as two web accessories.

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Spider-Man may not be picking up any good vibrations from Shocker, but collectors certainly will when they get a hold of his new toy. The insulated vibrational villain debuted back in Stan Lee and John Romita’s Amazing Spider-Man #46. He emits powerful blasts of forceful shocks, making him easily one of Spidey’s most pulse-pounding foes. His packaging includes two alternate hands as well as vibration effect accessories.

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Hasbro also revealed some retro-styled figures not based on Spider-Man, but on other Marvel heroes and properties. complete with packaging inspired by Marvel toys of the early ’90s. One of them is Falcon, who is decked out in his modern red and white costume, which debuted in 2004’s Captain America and the Falcon #7, by Christopher Priest and Joe Bennett. He comes with tinted wings and box art homaging the classic Marvel Super Heroes toyline.

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Classic Loki

Classic Loki was also shown, with the mischievous Norse villain’s appearance obviously resembling the original Jack Kirby design from the Silver Age when he debuted. This Loki includes his iconic headpiece, which has a tassel of sorts on the back. Along with two daggers, he also includes an alternate, smirking head.

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Trickster Loki

Another figure shown off was the Trickster Loki, or Female Loki toy. This design represents the female Loki that first debuted in J. Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel’s Thor #5 in 2004. She lacks any sort of accessories outside of her removal cape, but she’s also a re-release of a figure that was once exclusive to a box set of female Marvel figures. Trickster Loki, Classic Loki and Falcon are not yet available for pre-order, but they will likely be $22.99 like the Spider-Man toys upon release.

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