Extreme Carnage Kills Another Ex-Symbiote Superhero


As Carnage launches a new rampage across the Marvel Universe, the supervillain settles a bloody score with a symbiote superhero.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Extreme Carnage: Phage #1, on sale now from Marvel.

As one of the most deranged supervillain serial killers in the Marvel Universe, Carnage has built up quite the body count as he gleefully preys upon among that has the deep misfortune of crossing his path. Carnage has built up quite the murderous grudge towards anyone that has bonded to various symbiotes, especially those that are linked to and bonded with the multiple symbiotes that he has spawned from himself over the years. And in the immediate aftermath of the crossover event King in Black, as Carnage mysteriously resurfaces, his latest victim is a former host to the Carnage-inspired symbiote supervillain Mania.

As part of this summer’s line of Extreme Carnage one-shot specials, the latest — Extreme Carnage: Phage #1 by Steve Orlando, Gerardo Sandoval, Victor Nava, Chris Sotomayor and VC’s Travis Lanham — reveals the sad fate of Andi Benton.

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Created by Cullen Bunn and Declan Shalvey in 2013’s Venom #31, Andi was a teenager in Philadelphia that became Flash Thompson’s neighborhood when he moved into her apartment building while serving as Agent Venom. The connection between Andi and Flash would grow when she became his student while he worked at her high school as a gym teacher and, when Andi was mortally wounded by a supervillain hunting for Flash, he used a portion of his symbiote to bond to her and save her life.

Now serving as Agent Venom’s new partner Mania, Andi and her de facto mentor kept Philadelphia safe from organized crime and the occasional supervillain until a sinister cult bonded the devious Hell-Mark to Mania, making Andi grow increasingly more violent and uncontrollable. While Andi and the Mania symbiote are eventually separated, Andi she bears the Hell-Mark and possesses a limited dominion over demons. However, Andi’s limited time bonded to the symbiote left a codex in her spine detected by Carnage who, in the crossover event Absolute Carnage, began to hunt and murder anyone possessing a codex to add to his own power. While Andi barely escaped with her life, losing her aunt to Carnage and bonding with the Scream symbiote.

This grudge between Andi and the symbiotes would only grow during King in Black, with Knull sending his symbiotes to battle her and bring her in. Andi was able to stay one step ahead of Knull’s armies thanks to her Hell-Mark and ability to channel hellfire towards the advancing symbiotes. Following Knull’s defeat, Carnage tracks down Andi where she is being held at an Alchemax facility, with the nefarious corporation working with insidious politician Arthur Crane. And while Flash appears on the scene in an effort to rescue his former student from Carnage, he arrives too late as the supervillain goes in for the kill and finishes what he started with Andi during Absolute Carnage.

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Andi Benton’s proximity to Flash Thompson is what led her down the dark path of becoming a vengeful antihero in the first place and, through the bonding process with a portion of his symbiote, wound up right in Carnage’s crosshairs. Andi may have survived both Absolute Carnage and King in Black thanks to her Hell-Mark but the supervillain has not let himself be outmaneuvered for a third time, trapping Andi right where he wants her thanks to some corporate help. While Andi has certainly recovered from grievous wounds before, she may have discovered that her extra lives have finally run out.

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