Far Sector Propels Jo Mullein Into DC’s Infinite Frontier


The ending of Far Sector positions Jo Mullein as a top-tier Green Lantern and sets her up for the current events of Infinite Frontier.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Far Sector #12 by N.K. Jemisin & Jamal Campbell, on sale now

Jo Mullein, the newest human Green Lantern, has found herself alone in the distant alien metropolis of the City Enduring — a coalition of different alien species that had nominally come together and enjoyed unity and peace. However, the machinations of the power players in the sector have finally been brought to the forefront, with the conflict over the Emotional Exploit has brought chaos to the city and the digital lifeform @Blaze-Of-Glory has set up all biological life to tear itself apart.

While these battles have formed the heart of Far Sector, they’ve also been a crucial learning experience for Jo — with the book ending on a satisfying note that helps establish the elements of Jo that make her a perfect Green Lantern for the current era.

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With few options to save the City-Enduring in Far Sector #12, Jo ends up leaving the obvious fight and confronts Minec of the Sea, the leader of her people’s military (and the older sister Councilor Marth, whose own attempts to release the Emotional Exploit further into the world resulted in the chaos. Despite Minec’s arguments that a bombardment of the City Enduring is the necessary step to restore order, Jo points out this would just be giving more power to the people currently controlling the City Enduring and wiping out innocents in the process. Luckily, Jo is able to get through to her and convince her to stand down. This allows peace to return to the City Enduring and for the prompt capture of @blaze-Of-Glory.

Afterward, Jo gets to actually enjoy a moment of relaxation with her ally and romantic interest Syz, who took the emotional exploit herself and enjoys a deep kiss with Jo. That evening, while reflecting on her mission and the unique self-recharging Green Lantern ring she wields, she notes that she has six more months as a protector to this area of the cosmos to commit to — and after that, she’ll see what the universe has in store for her. While Jo may be unaware of what awaits her, the ending of Far Sector perfectly sets up Jo for her current role in Green Lantern.

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Thanks to the unique design of her ring and the sheer distance she is from the rest of the DC Universe, Jo was able to avoid the massive depowering of the Green Lantern Corps when the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed under mysterious circumstances. Her experience on the City Enduring — especially her ability to adapt under pressure, solving conflict with reason instead of just violence, and honing an inability to back down from injustice. It all helped make her into an impressive woman — and one whose importance in the future of the DC Universe has been hinted at in Future State and confirmed in Green Lantern. Jo’s relative lack of experience at first would have suggested she would ‘t be an ideal “last Lantern” to try and restore the Corps after their inglorious fall from power.

But it’s clear that the events of Far Sector were a vital learning experience for Jo, helping solidify the elements of her personality and mind that make her a perfect Green Lantern. Returning to Oa, she displays the empathy she honed in the City-Enduring to help inspire Simon Baz and Teen Lantern, and her ability to stand up to galactic leaders thanks to her exposure to the City-Enduring government makes it relatively easy for her to defend her choices and words to leaders from the United Planets. While the events of Far Sector may have pushed the young Jo to her limits, she never broke — and is now fully prepared to take the spotlight for the foreseeable future in the cosmic corner of the DC Universe.

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