Gamma Flight’s Tragic Hero Revealed Marvel’s Most Disgusting Powers


The most gruesome member of Gamma Flight finally revealed the true extent of her powers in a gut-wrenching display to the other heroes.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Gamma Flight #5, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

The Marvel Universe has always been filled with the sort of figures who turn heads for more reasons than just being fantastical. None know that feeling better than the irradiated heroes of Gamma Flight, a team comprised of heroes just as horrifying as they are incredible. In the case of Dionne Fortean, aka Stockpile, her powers couldn’t be gruesome, and she has just put them to the best, most disgusting use possible in the fight against Abomination in Gamma Flight #5 by Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, Lan Medina, Antonio Fabela and VC’s Joe Sabino.

Gamma Flight has been working tirelessly to stave off the threat of Abomination’s Gamma Zombie army. Sneaking into the villain’s stronghold to turn his own technology against him seemed easy enough with Del Frye leading the way through the throngs of enemies, but that didn’t do much good when it came to keeping them off of Abomination’s video surveillance system. Thankfully, the heroes managed to cull his unwitting army of the Gamma implants that had put them under his control — though that only forced Abomination to step out of the shadows and deal with Gamma Flight for himself.

This was just the opportunity that Stockpile has been waiting for, and she’s more than happy to unleash a violent torrent of her own powers upon the man who stole her father’s face and transformed her into the Gamma Mutate she is now. Stockpile has already proven herself to be Gamma Flight’s most grotesque member with her oozing, shapeshifting form, and it is that which she puts to good use by forcing herself down Abomination’s throat in an attempt to choke the villain out. Just when it seems like the tide of battle has turned, things go south when Abomination decides to begin inhaling Dionne, consuming her almost entirely in a shocking moment that no one could have anticipated.

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As horrifying as the situation might be, Dionne proves herself to be more resilient than expected when she pulls herself back together. Despite Abomination’s unrelenting assault, Dionne reforms into another of her less than human forms before the villain can put an end to her life. As Abomination prepares to finish the job, Dionne wraps her creeping tendrils around his face, wrenching his head back so that Skaar can deliver what would have been a killing blow to anyone else.

Abomination might only be down for a moment, but that doesn’t take away from the gut-wrenching display of power that Dionne puts on during their fight. While she isn’t exactly an iconic part of the team in her own right, Dionne has more than proven herself to be the most unstoppable member of Gamma Flight simply by the nature of her own powers. Dionne has absorbed every blow that comes her way, but this particular battle has elevated her to a completely different level than the rest of her allies. Even if she isn’t the strongest, it doesn’t look like there is anything that can keep her down, and that is far greater than being able to throw an Earth-shattering punch.

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Dionne’s story is a tragic one, and the results of her Gamma implant are unsettling, to say the least. Yet, none of that has made her into a lesser version of her former self. Somehow, in spite of all the horrors she has been subjected to, Dionne has maintained the resolve which so easily could have been lost by wallowing in the changes forced upon her. That she has managed to overcome not only Abomination but her own traumas surrounding her transformation, not to mention those that she saw her own father go through, only cements her as one of the greatest Gamma heroes to date. With any luck, she will keep that trend going into the foreseeable future as part of the Marvel Universe’s foremost irradiated superhero team.

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