Ghost Rider Hates the Marvel Netflix Hero for a Petty Reason


Daredevil has made a lot of allies during his time in the Marvel Universe but there’s one hero that hates Daredevil for a petty reason.

For the most part, Daredevil is one of the first names that heroes reach out to when they need a hand around New York. It makes sense, considering his strong moral backbone that’s kept in check by his religious upbringing. Matt Murdock has certainly been missed by other heroes since his ongoing prison stint began. While most heroes would be happy to have Daredevil fight by their side, there’s one hero that’s probably happy the Man Without Fear is behind bars: Ghost Rider.

In 2018, Thunderbolts #20.NOW, by Charles Soule, Carlo Barberi, Israel Silva, and Joe Sabino depicted General Ross’ unlikely team reaching out to Johnny Blaze for help. After the Thunderbolts accidentally unleashed Mercy on the world, the Leader devised a plan to rid the world of her for good. While the team turned to Ghost Rider, his mystical ritual went haywire and teleported the members of the Thunderbolts to hell.

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Blaze lead the team through hell until they came face to face with Mephisto. The Leader worked out a plan with Mephisto that would result in the demon regaining control of Hell in exchange for the Thunderbolts’ freedom and Mercy’s imprisonment. While Red Hulk and The Leader are negotiating the terms of the deal, Ghost Rider and Agent Venom are having a discussion of their own. Blaze asked Venom why the Thunderbolts wear red, to which Venom responds that it was General Ross’ idea. He follows this up by jokingly suggesting that they add Daredevil to the roster, which Ghost Rider does not like at all.

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Ghost Rider Hates DD

Blaze is quick to announce that actually, he hates Daredevil. When asked why, he explains that Daredevil’s name does not make sense. Ghost Rider feels that he better identifies with the name Daredevil since he was a motorcycle stunt-man. Blaze even jokes that Daredevil is an accountant in real life which is surprisingly close to what Matt Murdock actually does when not in costume.

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The animosity between these two heroes does not usually stand in the way of their cooperation. They first worked side by side in 1976’s Daredevil #138 by Marv Wolfman, John Byrne, Jim Moone and Joe Rosen, and the story continues in Ghost Rider #20 by Wolfman, Byrne, Don Perlin, Petra Goldberg, and Denise Wohl. This issue saw the two teaming up to save Karen Page from Death-Stalker. The fight was much more suited to Ghost Rider’s abilities but he was still thankful in the end for Daredevil’s assistance. 

Daredevil and Ghost Rider Team Up

It makes sense that Ghost Rider and Daredevil would not see eye to eye. Matt’s strong religious background would make it hard for him to trust a man who sold his soul and claimed to send evil back to Hell. It also doesn’t hurt that Ghost Rider was envisioned as a Daredevil villain. Ghost Rider was created by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas and Mike Ploog. In a 2001 interview with Comic Book Artist, Thomas said that the original idea for Ghost Rider was to make a strange motorcycle-driving villain that would be a big bad for Daredevil. Thomas then said that the idea was too good just to make a villain and that he should get his own book.

Ghost Rider and Daredevil are just too different from each other to be a cooperative team. Matt Murdock would find Ghost Rider’s methods to be a little too extreme, and Blaze would likely find Daredevil to be a bit too tame. While Matt Murdock continues his prison stint, he should not expect to see Johnny Blaze check-in for a visit.

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