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Google Maps Street View is a tool which was originally developed to help with navigation. By using 3D cameras, Google snaps photographs of streets around the world and then stitches them together in post-production to create a virtual reality which users can click their way around.

The man also appears to have one arm raised, as though he has noticed the Google camera.

Though the move may seem bizarre, and even a little unsafe, Reddit users have applauded his interesting seating upgrade.

“I mean that guy has it figured out,” commented one Reddit user.

A second added: “Keep winning.”

This isn’t the first time a person has been caught in the back of a pick-up truck.

However, in another incident, a man appeared to be riding a little less in comfort.

In Manitoba, Canada, a parked truck caught the attention of Reddit users.

Though the truck didn’t appear out-of-the-ordinary, the cargo it was carrying in the back did cause somewhat of a stir.

There in the cargo bed appears to be a man who is sound asleep.

He is fully-clothed, in blue jeans and a navy blue shirt.

While there may be all manner of reasons why he is back there, the user who posted the image to Reddit thinks they have it figured out. He is “passed out,” they say.

Luckily, Google Maps has blurred the man’s face, so that his identity is not revealed during what could well be a rather unfortunate moment.




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