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Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton, 37, made viewers a promise after a picture of her from the BBC show surfaced online, and the way she was wearing her mask made her believe she looked like a bandit. With the bandana style covering tied tightly round her face, Helen made sure she was following the strict face mask rules but wanted to clear the air with a light-hearted joke.

It comes after Westlands Farm Shop thanked her for speaking out about supporting local shops such as themselves during the pandemic that has hit many independent businesses very hard over the past year.

“Thanks very much @HelenSkelton for promoting farm shops just like us and the support we can provide to other small producers on tonight’s @BBCCountryfile,” the wrote on their official Twitter account.

“We love being at the heart of our #Hampshire community #farmshops #countryfile.”

Helen soon replied, adding some much-needed humour to her response.

“Admittedly I look like I am robbing said farm shop,” she joked.

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“Great show today too enjoyed it. So important to support local businesses during this time,” one said.

Another added: “Love it. Going to my local farm shop before I go to supermarket for the boring stuff we all need.”

But while Helen was encouraging fans to make conscious decisions during the pandemic, some viewers were infuriated when she pointed out the price of a jar of honey at Crag House Farm Shop in Leeds.

Helen said on the show: “Families spend nearly a fifth of their annual budget on food including meals out. That’s about £5,000 and the vast majority of that is spent in the supermarket.

“We love supermarkets. They’re convenient, you can get everything under one roof and they’re cheap. But alongside them sits small independents and they need our help now more than ever.”

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“Admittedly farm shops aren’t always the cheapest but you will find things here that you won’t find anywhere else and most of it comes directly from local producers,” she noted, picking out a jar of honey costing £6.99 and argued it can be hard to find British honey in supermarkets.

However, viewers were alarmed at the price and took to Twitter to comment, with one snapping: “Sorry Helen, £6 for a jar of honey when the farmer hasn’t had to deal with a supermarket and has no transport costs? It’s not a realistic place to get food, more of a #countryfile gift shop. Do they sell calendars? Probably a huge mark up on them too.”

“You lost me at £7 for some f*****g honey #countryfile,” another shared.

A third added: “#countryfile. Buy local .. Honey for £6.99. Would buy something local if I could afford to do it in these places.”

Someone else tweeted: “£6 for a jar of honey. Well stung there. #countryfile.”

“Farmers ripping off customers with overpriced honey #countryfile,” a fifth said.

Helen spoke to the man behind Crag House, Tim Parkinson to find out what farm shops can offer.

“We offer a very personalised service and we know our customers,” he said.

“It does offer a bit more personalisation and it’s an extension of our community. Farm shops, independent shops are crucial.

Tim added: “Yes you may be able to buy something cheaper [elsewhere] but has it been hand-reared? Has it been looked after? Is the care and attention there?”

Countryfile continues on BBC One on Sunday at 6pm.




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