How Marvel’s Strongest Omega-Level Mutant Team Changed EVERYTHING


Several of Marvel’s most powerful X-Men just pooled their powers and showed the entire Marvel Universe how strong they really are.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Planet-Size X-Men #1 by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia & VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now

As the X-Men’s mutant nation Krakoa has grown, several new terms and ideas have worked their way into their collective vernacular. This includes Mutant Technologies (wherein two or more mutants combine their powers to create a new effect) and Circuits (which is where many more mutants combine their powers to do something radically unique). For example, the Five — the fusion of Elixir, Egg, Tempus, Proteus, and Hope’s powers — are both a Mutant Technology and a Circuit, allowing the five of them to operate as a team capable of restoring a deceased mutant to life with a brand new body. This was a major step for showing how the teamwork that defined the classic X-Men teams could evolve into a truly transformative force.

And, in Planet-Sized X-Men, a group of Omega-Level Mutants from Krakoa and Arakko were able to perform mutantkind’s most impressive feat yet by effectively terraforming Mars in a matter of hours, assembling what may be the most powerful mutant team ever in the process.

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To complete the mission, the team requires a host of Omega-Level Mutants. Defined in the era of Krakoa as being a mutant whose powers are considered to reach an undetermined upper-limit of output, ten of Krakoa’s Omega-Level Mutants are called upon to help radically reinvent the planet: Magneto’s magnetism helps bring the iron necessary to affect the change on a global level and carry entire asteroids of the ore from space towards the world, while Storm and Iceman’s control of elements helps bring the capability for life back to the planet. Elixir is able to use his biokinesis to “heal” the planet and kickstart that life back into motion on a molecular level, hinting at the sheer scope of his capability.

Hope and Vulcan are able to utilize their manipulation of power and energy respectively to help reignite the core, with Magneto’s control of magnetism then allowing him to keep their work stable. Using her telepathy, Jean Grey is able to synch her powers up with the telekinesis of Exodus and the Arakko mutant Lacuna the Knower to precisely bring the island of Arakko to the red planet. Monarch’s reality manipulation allows him to create new bases for the planet, while Quinten Quire’s telepathy allows him to connect all their minds together to fully bring their plans to fruition. All in all, it’s a very impressive showing from the mutants, especially considering many of them used to be enemies.

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Even in the age of Krakoa, it’s rare to see so many Omega-Level mutants united towards a single mission. While the mutants of Arakko only allow Omega-Level mutants to sit as their ruling body, the Quiet Council of Krakoa is made up of a mix of Omega-Level mutants and figures with more limited and specific powers. However, this mission brings ten of Krakoa’s most powerful figures — along with three from Arakko, Sobunar of the Depths, Lacuna the Knower, and Xilo, First Defender of This Broken Land — all onto a single mission. As a unit, these ten theoretically could restore entire broken worlds, or even rip apart healthy ones with just as much ease. On top of being a grand showing of benevolent power, it’s also theoretically a MASSIVE showing of potential destructive capability.

It’s this kind of united power that has put a true fear of Krakoa into the hearts of many enemies of the mutant nation. From a certain point of view, it’s an understandable concern. Ten people associated with the X-Men just made an impressive case for them being the single most powerful united force in the entire Marvel Universe, capable of working on a galactic scale and of their own accord. This could inspire their enemies to, as one attendee at the Hellfire Gala predicted, unite humanity finally against mutants.

This incident is an incredible reminder of how high the limits for a fully united mutant race really could be, and it hints at how things could play out for the entire galaxy down the line if they were so inclined.

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