How Marvel’s Worst Symbiote Changed the New Venom


Marvel’s gruesome new hybrid symbiote just confirmed that Eddie Brock is closer to home than anyone knew, and it changes everything about his former symbiote.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Venom #4, available now from Marvel.

Ever since his father’s apparent death, Dylan Brock has been on the run without a clue who he can trust. The person who was supposed to be his salvation sold him out, and the fear of what could happen if the Venom symbiote took hold has left him effectively powerless. Thankfully, Eddie isn’t as far away as Dylan previously thought. At least, not as long as his former symbiote is near, and Eddie Brock has just revealed that Venom is closer than Dylan could have ever imagined.

Dylan Brock and the Sleeper symbiote have found themselves trapped in the middle of an Alchemax lab after putting their trust in Eddie’s former friend Archer Lyle. The painful experiments that Alchemax CEO Liz Allen was overseeing were pushing Dylan to his absolute limit. As Dylan laid there helplessly, he thought about his father, hoping that whatever semblance of Eddie still existed might hear him. Of course, Eddie was far more alive than anyone realized, and Dylan’s prayers were answered by several symbiotes breaking free from their cells to form a grotesque, vaguely Eddie-shaped hybrid of their own. This faint echo of the King in Black didn’t just promise Dylan that he was still alive somewhere, but that the part of him that matters most will never truly be gone as long as Venom is still alive.

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Venom #4 (by Ram V, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Alex Sinclair, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) spelled it out no uncertain terms that the depths of Eddie and Venom’s bond were indeed a two-way street. Despite all of the ominous warnings Dylan had been given up until now, his father uttered the iconic phrase “We are Venom” in the most literal fashion. The idea that these two have left indelible impacts on one another isn’t anything new, although this confirmation of it from Eddie himself does compound everything his former symbiote has been going through on its own.

Venom and Dylan have developed their own special sort of bond in recent months, though even it has been shaken by the events surrounding Eddie’s apparent demise. That it has been relegated to something of a supporting role in all of this hasn’t been enough to drive Venom away, however. If anything, Venom has discovered just how much of an influence its former host has left behind. The symbiote may be a menacing, violent, occasionally bloodthirsty alien, but at its core, all Venom wanted to do is protect Dylan. Presumably, Venom also wants to make anyone who has hurt Dylan pay dearly for it, and those people are already making things worse for themselves in more than one way.

Alchemax might have Dylan in their grasp, but it has been the Life Foundation who have been spending all of their time hunting down and prodding at Venom itself. While the Life Foundation could easily capture Venom for themselves, they have instead taken to the infinitely more dangerous tactic of tormenting the symbiote before backing off entirely. All of this was done in a bid to glean some new insight into the symbiotes by watching how Venom adapted to the circumstances. For an organization that has been trying to weaponize symbiotes for decades, this isn’t out of the ordinary. On the other hand, every major shift in Venom’s life has only ever made it more unstoppable, a fact which the Life Foundation seems to have forgotten as they make themselves its worst enemy all over again.

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Everything leading up to this point has been laced with half-truths and unnerving levels of intrigue, which makes knowing for certain that Venom is following in Eddie’s footsteps all the more of a relief. It doesn’t necessarily make the situation at hand any better, considering everything that Venom and Dylan are up against, but it does give them plenty of hope for the long haul. If nothing else, it ensures that neither the Life Foundation nor Alchemax is going to see their plans through in one piece.

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