How to farm money in Destiny 2, basic tips for earning in-game currency

The world of Destiny 2 is once again filled with players due to the release of updates that are released by the Bungie studio – the game developers of the project.

Many beginners, getting into the game world and having completed the training, face difficulties – game equipment and weapons quickly become obsolete and monsters are killed more and more difficult, and other players have already ceased to invite to raids. To upgrade equipment, you will need a lot of sparkles and a pumped level, we will discuss what options beginners have for their earnings. Destiny 2 boosting can be ordered to get to a high level faster, but the issue of money remains open.

Ways to earn money:

  • Passage of quests
  • Execution of contracts
  • strikes
  • Raids
  • Leveling up other players

Passage of quests

Despite the direction of Destiny 2 towards free character development – meaning that the player himself chooses how and where the character will gain experience, all the same, quests are the main resource for gaining experience and sparkles.

Starting with the training, the player will be introduced to the main storyline and will be led through quests to get to know the game world. Quests will gradually fill the player’s pockets with sparkles and upgrade the in-game equipment.

Execution of contracts

Contracts are an alternative way to gain experience and earn glitz. At a special NPC, the player can collect tasks that will need to be completed – tasks are daily and weekly.

The essence of the contract is significantly different from the quest tasks – often these are secondary tasks, where you need to quantitatively perform some kind of game action, use certain weapons to destroy monsters.

To complete a contract, you often just need to go through the main quests, taking additional tasks with you. It is advisable to check in advance and take only those contracts that you are guaranteed to fulfill. This is especially true of weekly contracts, which require a significant amount of time to complete.


Strikes are a type of game activity in which three players gather in a small group to farm a dungeon in order to defeat the boss and take the trophies that he guards.

In fact, this is a mini-raid, for those who do not particularly like large groups, but prefer to farm actively.

Important points regarding strikes – select a group wisely – ideally, if there is one representative of each class.

The titan will absorb the main damage to opponents and use skills to protect the group.

Warlock will use skills to deal AOE damage and set AOE buffs to buff the group and debuffs to weaken opponents.

The hunter will attack enemies at a great distance and, if necessary, get close to opponents and deal melee damage.

When passing a strike, the boss will drop equipment and weapons that deal increased damage and provide increased protection in this dungeon against this boss. Having collected the entire set of equipment, you can quickly and efficiently go through a strike and earn a lot of sparkles and sell unnecessary equipment.


Raids are the most interesting and profitable activity of all available content, in a sense, raids are the final point of character development – it is for strong raids that players improve equipment and weapons in order to finally destroy the boss at maximum difficulty and get the best game equipment in an available update.

What you need to know about raids

Raids have complex game mechanics and the higher the difficulty the greater the chance that some little thing will fail the entire raid. It’s recommended to start on standard difficulty to learn the raid, look at all the enemies and mechanics to remember. Each player and class will have their own role to play throughout the raid.

Titans absorb damage and keep the enemy on themselves.

Warlocks inflict AOE damage and impose negative effects on opponents, not forgetting to improve allies as well.

Hunters eliminate long-range and tough targets by dealing damage from long distances and removing the burden that falls on the shoulders of the titans.

In addition to the main boss, it is always necessary to destroy the minion bosses, sparkles and equipment of the best quality will drop from all opponents. The main thing you need to know is that in each raid, weapons and armor are knocked out from the bosses, which have increased damage and protection from the boss from which they drop. This helps you complete the raid faster next time and gradually move on to a more difficult version.

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