I Require These Dragon Ball Z Earbuds to Surpass a Power Level of 9,000

Searching for top-notch true wireless earbuds with an illustrious background? Look no further, because the latest collaboration between Final and Dragon Ball Z is like a wish granted by Shenron himself, the Eternal Dragon.

Final has made a name for itself in the premium headphone market, as evidenced by our rave review of the Final Audio UX3000. However, this collaboration showcases their more playful side. These Dragon Ball Z-themed true wireless earbuds are now hitting new markets, including the UK, with prices ranging up to £179 (approximately $230 / AU$340).

While Final describes the audio profile of these earbuds as “a well-balanced sound that combines high-resolution, clear vocals and powerful bass – perfect for watching animation,” let’s be honest, the real appeal lies in their iconic aesthetics. Just take a look at them! They seamlessly blend Final’s signature low-poly geometry with the vibrant colors and design elements of Dragon Ball Z’s most beloved characters.

There’s the Goku set, featuring the orange and dark blue scheme inspired by Saiyan’s signature gi. Then, there’s the Vegeta set, embracing the white, yellow, and gold palette of the Saiyan’s iconic RIT battle armor. Lastly, we have the Frieza set, which sports a unique and rounded appearance, resembling the infamous villain with its white and purple finish. What a steal at £70!

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