Jubilee’s Son Shogo Is Destined to Become a Sentinel


Jubilee’s adopted son Shogo might eventually become an X-Man despite his lack of powers — thanks to taking on a robotic suit and becoming Sentinel-X.

Since taking in the young Shogo and adopting him as her son, Jubilee has become a dedicated mother. It’s also been hinted that this will carry over to her son, despite his lack of any actual powers. While he doesn’t have any powers, future incarnations of Jubilee’s adopted son Shogo have found ways to join the X-Men — by becoming a heroic counterpoint to the Sentinels.

Shogo Lee was only an infant when he was drawn into the mutant world in X-Men #4 by Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel. Shogo was adopted by Jubilee after a meteor strike caused by the vengeful Arkea during her campaign against her brother Sublime killed his family. Shogo is now one of the only humans permitted to live on Krakoa, and his adventures with his mother into Otherworld during her stint on Excalibur revealed his young and adventurous spirit could transform him into a massive dragon in that mystical realm.

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Wolverine Sentinel-X Marvel 100th Anniversary

Despite his youth, Shogo has been hinted to become a notable figure in the future of the X-Men. There are multiple realities in the multiverse that reveal possible futures for the X-Men and the rest of the Marvel Universe, and in some of these, Shogo has become a dedicated hero himself. He’s taken to wearing a distinct Iron Man-Esque robotic armor, allowing him to keep up with mutant threats while still being technically a regular human being. In these worlds, Shogo has embraced the name “Sentinel-X” — which carries some dark connotations within the Marvel Universe. But beyond adopting the name and the color scheme of the classic mutant-hunting machines, Shogo has made Sentinel-X into one of the defining heroes of the X-Men.

In the world depicted in Robin Furth and Jason Masters’ X-Men – Marvel 100th Anniversary Special, Sentinel-X is one of the main X-Men still active in a time period where Cyclops has been elected President of the United States. Notably, the Wolverine of this world considers Shogo a good enough fighter to ask for his assistance in confronting a mob attacking the White House. In the reality introduced in Battle of the Atom, the Jean Grey Institute prospered under Wolverine while a branch of X-Men (led by Beast) lost their hope and broke off to form a new Brotherhood. In this world, Jubilee (who never lost her vampiric abilities and eventually took up the mantle of Wolverine herself) fought alongside her son, with both traveling to the past to try and assist their allies.

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X-Men Battle of the Atom

Unfortunately, secret SHIELD sentinels were unleashed against the assembled X-Men, and one of them killed Jubilee in the heat of battle. Afterward, Shogo was able to spend some time with the core-timeline Jubilee, sharing a sweet moment with her before returning to the future with his mother’s body. Jubilee was particularly moved by this and was emboldened by the fact that her son not only grows up strong and healthy, but happy and heroic.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Shogo take a similar direction in the main Marvel Universe, adapting to an armor much the same way he quickly adjusted to becoming a dragon in Otherworld. He could even theoretically become a connection between the X-Men and Iron Man, given his suit. The hints that he could become his time’s chief tech expert among the X-Men also suggests he could find a fitting place under the wing of someone like Wiz-Kid or Beast — although given the recent behavior of the latter, that seems unlikely. But someday, it’s possible that Shogo will — like in many other worlds — try to find a way to make a Sentinel a beacon of change for the X-Men.

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