Justice League’s Most Ridiculous Hero Was Just Saved by Their Old Sidekick


Trixie Collins, Booster Gold’s former employee and sidekick, finally returns to help her old boss out with his current string of money troubles.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Blue & Gold #3, on sale now from DC Comics.

Blue and Gold continues to showcase the adventures of two of DC’s most overlooked but uproarious heroic friendships. Sadly for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, these current adventures are more like misadventures due to their mutual financial difficulties. This series of horribly unfortunate events does, however, reunite the former Justice League member with one of his other closest allies.

Trixie Collins, Booster Gold’s former employee and sidekick, finally returns to help her old boss out of his current money troubles. Her life besides this, however, is much more mundane than before, which is a rare development for superhero characters. Here’s the history behind Booster Gold’s original fangirl and how she’s evolved since her debut.

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Who Is Trixie Collins, a.k.a. Goldstar?

Theresa Collins, a.k.a. Trixie debuted, along with the futuristic hero himself, debuted in the first 1986 issue of the Booster Gold comic book. Upon traveling from the future to the present day in Metropolis, Booster Gold got to work establishing himself as a corporate hero for the people. He did so initially with the company Goldstar Inc., with Goldstar being the name that he intended to use as a superhero.

Trixie was a young lady in Metropolis and quickly grew enamored with the high-flying hero. She became his company’s secretary and was generally ready to do almost anything for him, with her crush on him actually making her jealous when he would show other women attention. She was one of the first people that he would confide his secrets in, further strengthening their bond. Trixie would come to realize that Booster was indeed a normal person and not some infallible god, but this only made relationship even better.

When Booster Gold was beaten by villains and almost killed in his hospital bed, Trixie uses a suit and technology similar to Booster’s own to become the heroine Goldstar. She later travels to the future to save Michael’s life from a deadly virus, but thereafter decides that the hectic life of a superhero is not for her. Since then, she’s remained a fairly obscure and forgotten character, due mainly to Booster Gold himself not being in the limelight much anymore. Thankfully, the latest issue of Blue & Gold finally brought her back to help out her former idol.

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How Goldstar Saves the Blue & Gold

Jumping off of the events of the previous issue, Blue & Gold #3 sees Booster Gold trying to launch a superhero company where he and Blue Beetle would act as heroes for hire. Unfortunately, his own lack of capital, along with the similar monetary downfall of Ted Kord led to his grand opening day being a major disaster.

Watching a livestream of Booster’s recent exploits was none other than Trixie, who now uses the more professional nickname of Terri. Feeling sorry for Booster, she still believes in him like she did in the past and wants to see his new dream of heroism come true. To help achieve this goal, she allows Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to use her yoga studio as a base of operations. This is especially useful given that the check never came through.

Trixie/Terri’s new job as a yoga instructor shows that there is life after superheroics, even in the DC Universe.  To be fair, these broadened horizons were helped by the fact that she was only a sidekick to a second-rate superhero, but it gives hope to those who wish to live normal lives after being inundated with the extraordinary. Hopefully her meager yoga studio is big enough for both her former boss and the scope of his heroic ego and ambitions.

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