Kate Middleton news: Prince William’s wife uses style to show ‘confidence’ as role grows


Kate Middleton tied the knot with Prince William, 38, in April 2011. At the time, she became the Duchess of Cambridge and a senior working royal.

Kate mostly stayed out of the public eye during the years she dated Prince William.

Once they married, however, she was thrust into royal life and began performing solo engagements within months.

The Duchess of Cambridge has had an increasingly important role within the family and is set to become Queen Consort if Prince William takes the throne.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, stylist Melita Latham suggested Kate has hinted at this change using her style.

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She explained the royal has developed her own look which could give a nod to her growing role.

Melita commented: “Over the years since Kate has joined the royal household, you cannot fail to notice the change in her appearance.

“Long gone are the figure flattering, sheer summer dresses, only to be replaced with stylish, heavier, figure covering suits.”

Melita suggested the royal has opted for more conservative looks in line with what is expected in the Royal Family.


There are a number of style rules royals will follow, such as avoid skirts that are too short or heels that are too high.

Adhering to the royal dress guidance could show how the mother-of-three is taking on more responsibilities, Melita continued.

“As quite a tall person, Kate easily allows the use of such straight lines,” the expert stated.

“Furthermore, her figure and height allow her to match these outfits with ‘sensible’ footwear, which ensures a classic and comfortable look to her ensemble.

“Of course, the ‘royal guidelines’ must be adhered to.”

Despite following royal protocol, the expert claimed Kate has also used her style to show her confidence.

The Duchess of Cambridge will often choose to wear affordable pieces and high street brands.

Doing so could show she is trying to “inspire” royal fans, the expert continued.

Melita added: “Changes in our confidence, body shape and the effects of family life all combine to change our dress code.

“Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is surely our most ‘glam’ royal.

“Out walking with William and the children, or on more formal engagements, her fashion is not only spot on but is also achievable for all of us.

“Yes it’s on point, but affordable at high street prices.

“Hurrah for Kate, the Royal Family member that inspires us ladies to look smart, feel comfortable and best of all confident.”

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