Kate Middleton’s ‘hands on’ parenting approach protects the ‘privacy’ of her children


Kate Middleton, 39, and Prince William, 38, met while at university and got engaged in 2010. A year later they tied the knot in Westminster Abbey and were married for two years before having their first child. An expert has commented on their parenting techniques.

“While it is easy to see that, save royal privileges and responsibilities aside, theirs is a far more hands on approach in their parenting, but this could be down to far simpler reasons than a conscious attempt to break with tradition; it could be simply a result of them being parents in the time in which they live and technology found therein.

“Technology breakthroughs always aim to solve similar problems; save time and money while bettering outcomes – and that could be a large reason why Kate and William are able to reduce the need for large swathes of staff to support their family unit.

“Online calendar arrangements, online tutors and of course online ordering make it so much easier for people to connect with their needs rather than connecting through third parties, and the royals would be no different.”

The expert added that Kate could be bringing up her children in the way she knows best.

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Leon said: “She is doing what worked for her, which didn’t involve the excess staff normally associated with royal upbringings.”

Traditionally, members of the Royal Family would have hired a team of staff to help in raising the children but Kate and William stepped back from this technique. 

Instead, they have one nanny that works with the family who is said to have been hired by the royal couple shortly after Prince George was born.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo can regularly be seen with the family and she reportedly lives full-time at the palace with the family. 

“A key one that comes to mind is considering the need for privacy, for such high profile tots. 

“There are likely arrangements the school is used to making having such high profile children in the school, where security measures are clearer and activities possibly more discreet.”

Another reason according to the expert could be down to the vast choice of extra curricular actives offered.

Kate and William regularly encourage the independence of their children which could help them in their roles within the Royal Family when they are older.

The expert added: “Top prep schools can bring in items with parallels to Stiener education such as Forest schools, or the latest research and teacher improvement though items such as Professor John Hattie’s world renowned Visible Learning and of course, mirror the academic focus of grammar schools in ensuring students are well trained for exams.

“Top prep schools offer this and so much more in terms of extra-curricular activities which often elongates the school day considerably. 

“My own children are picked up by the school bus at 8am and do not return until after 6pm, where they normally have double or triple after school activities as well as homework club. Perfect for allowing busy parents to keep working with out the refocus of childcare.

“Of course it must be said that some state schools offer such a blend of items too, and careful, responsive management in schools can lead to wonderful experiences in state schools who have partnership and federational ties with other establishments to allow all this variety. 

“Whichever school the royal children continue their education in, or whichever school parent use, aligning to the needs of the child is the most important aspect and this is ascertained by considering your family and educational goals and how a school may serve those as well as considering the ‘type’ of schooling you wish for your child.”




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