Legends of the Dark Knight Unleashes a New Killer in Gotham


In the first issue of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight is on the hunt for a new villain who kills by way of toxic gas.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Legends of the Dark Knight #1 by Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez, and Simon Bowland, on sale now.

Batman is no stranger to new villains moving in on his turf. Gotham is one of the most lucrative cities in the DC Universe, and it’s no wonder that villains believe they can make their fortune there. While most of Batman’s gallery of masked villains try to gain their riches through robbery and chaos, there’s a new face on the block who plans to strike it big by selling a deadly new weapon to the right buyer, and Gotham’s newest supplier makes his debut in Legends of the Dark Knight #1.

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Commissioner Gordon has dubbed the new villain the “Gas Mask Killer,” but there is little else to go on. The Gotham City Police Department’s first encounter with the new villain’s product took place at the shipping docks. Batman beat the police to the scene and analyzed what happened. It appeared that there was a shootout in the shipping container, but not all of the men involved were from Gotham. Bruce noticed that some of the men were sporting outfits very similar to those worn by the Russian military. There was also a gas tank within the container that was purposefully shot at, causing deadly gas to fill the area. Batman realizes that there’s a new player in the game, but needs further answers so he heads to the streets.

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Gas Mask Killer infects his own man

Bruce apprehends a couple of criminals that seem to know more about the gas. They turn Bruce’s attention towards the Gotham Zoo, where a transaction is under way. Batman finds the perfect vantage point to watch the deal go down, as the Penguin is waiting below with a squad of his goons. Penguin is getting anxious and preparing to leave when the Gas Mask Killer makes his first appearance.

The Gas Mask Killer emerges from the shadows with a small army behind him. His face is covered by a gas mask and he’s wearing a Russian-style fur-lined coat.  He speaks with a Russian accent and immediately tells Penguin to lower his umbrella as he is aware of Penguin’s hidden weapon. Penguin demands to see the goods, and the Gas Mask Killer opens a suitcase containing a sample of a weapons-grade form of Sarin Gas, a weapon of mass destruction that was banned by the United Nations in 1993. From how quickly it kills one of his henchmen, it’s possible that the Gas Mask Killer’s strain is even stronger than the one that was banned.

The Gas Mask Killer claims that his gas is five hundred times more toxic than cyanide, and suffocates victims by paralyzing the muscles around their lungs. The man infected with the poison dies within a few minutes, but the Gas Mask Killer does acknowledge that an antidote exists and can save somebody suffering from the toxin. After the demonstration, Penguin turns back to negotiations.

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Batman with his villains

The Gas Mask Killer informs the Penguin that he already distributed some samples among the worst of Gotham, and he has more than enough to sell to the right buyer. He also claims that he had a previous meeting with the Joker who was extremely interested in the product. This detail highlights how many of Gotham’s major villains are reliant on poison or gas to cause mass chaos in the schemes in lieu of any real superpowers that could cause destruction or spread chaos.

The negotiations are cut short as Mr. Freeze rolls up to the meeting and begins firing on the Penguin’s minions. Penguin originally had a plan to go in on the toxin with Mr. Freeze but reneged before the meeting took place. The Gas Mask Killer escaped in the chaos, but Batman is able to apprehend Penguin and Mr. Freeze for the GCPD to take into custody.

Now, the Gas Mask Killer is on the loose, and he’s in contact with some of Gotham’s most dangerous villains. The Joker has already shown interest in the product and could become the ultimate terrorist with a new weapon of mass destruction in his arsenal. There’s no telling what this new villain is capable of, and he’s already shown that he doesn’t value his people’s lives. But with the attention of most of Gotham’s major villains, it may only be a matter of time until he finds himself facing some of Batman’s greatest foes.

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