Luxurious loungewear sets for under £50


Chances are you probably already bought a loungewear set or two when we realised we would be home for a while, but that was when days were warmer and spirits were higher. Nothing brings a spring to the step like a fresh outfit, and at the moment a luxurious loungewear set is as stylish as you can feasibly go when you’re not leaving the house. If you’re ready for a loungewear update, here are 10 of our favourite sets you can pick up for under £50.

The crew neck and chic animal print make this loungewear set are perfect for the lady who wants to look like she’s making a fashion effort while still reaping the comfort benefits of working in loungewear.

RRP: £14.71

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The tight fit of these loungewear pants and the off the shoulder look of the top make for a sexy and stylish look that still feels comfortable to wear all day long.

RRP: £15.99

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A classic hoodie, wide-leg trouser combo in a neutral print that will never get old.

RRP: £39.80

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Bring some old school glamour back to your wardrobe with this New Look loungewear set with gold trim.

RRP: £25.98

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Just because you’re wearing loungewear doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy, and this off the shoulder set maximises style and comfort.

RRP: £21.99

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This beige, eco-friendly set makes it look like you’ve put on effort in on zoom calls while still maintaining premium comfort levels.

RRP: £50

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