Marvel Revealed the Avengers Could Secretly Ruin Moon Knight


Moon Knight’s closest ally hasn’t stepped back into his life for the reason he thinks, and it could make him lose all trust in the Avengers.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Moon Knight #7, available now from Marvel.

Marc Spector’s return to action as Moon Knight hasn’t been an easy one. Apart from facing off against two new enemies with vastly different approaches to attacking his Midnight Mission, Marc is still haunted by Khonshu’s shadow. At this point even the Avengers know just how dangerous Marc Spector really is, and they’ve taken drastic measures to help him overcome those demons. Unfortunately, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have also begun toying with Moon Knight’s personal life, and if he finds out there will be absolute Hell to pay.

The maniacal Zodiac has left the Midnight Mission a charred husk of its former self. As bad as that is, the villain has also managed to evade each and every one of Moon Knight’s attempts to hunt him down. Not for lack of trying, Marc Spector and his allies haven’t been able to find a single solid lead in their search. Thankfully, Moon Knight has friends in high places, and Greer Nelson aka Tigra has taken it upon herself to give the Avengers a call in case any of them should know something. As it turns out, that isn’t the only reason Tigra has reached out to her old teammates, although Moon Knight #7 by Jed MacKay, Federico Sabbatini, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t feel very good about spying on someone she cares so much about.

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Tigra has been one of the few good influences, let alone genuine friendships that Marc Spector has known ever since the two first met as members of Hawkeye’s West Coast Avengers. Their short-lived romance didn’t end in any animosity, nor have their personal experiences since then left them feeling any different about one another. They might not be a couple anymore, but the two still hold very special places in each other’s lives, which makes it all the worse that Tigra didn’t step back into Marc’s of her own accord.

The revelation that Tigra has been keeping tabs on Moon Knight for the Avengers is a devastating one. While Tigra is obviously suffering no small amount of guilt over doing so, she does understand the impossible threat that Marc could pose if he came unhinged again. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have already ensured that he attends regularly scheduled and specially appointed therapy sessions with the best in the field of superhero psychology, but inserting someone so close to him is several steps too far. Knowing how bad Greer feels about the situation only confirms that what they’re doing isn’t quite right, and if Marc found out there is no telling how much damage that revelation could do.

Moon Knight’s relationship with the Avengers is already strained enough. There isn’t any bad blood between them, but seeing Marc nearly take over the entire planet on Khonshu’s behalf let the Avengers know exactly how powerful he truly is. It is precisely the kind of power that the Avengers can’t let go unchecked, although they are also acutely aware that trying to corral Moon Knight would only end in disaster. Then again, using what few loved ones he has left to track his movements and mental state could be considered just as much of an affront. If Moon Knight decided he could no longer trust Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, they would likely find themselves with an unstoppable new enemy.

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On the other hand, Marc Spector has made massive leaps in regards to his outlook of the world, and with that he has also gained a newfound sense of self awareness. There is always the chance, however slim, that Moon Knight could look past his immediate anger and see that all of this was being done out of genuine concern rather than any sort of malice. That would certainly be the best case scenario as far as the Avengers are concerned, though it might not be enough to salvage Marc and Tigra’s personal relationship. With any luck, this won’t be the tragedy that breaks Moon Knight, especially not after he’s already overcome so many others.

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