Marvel’s Wonder Woman Built Her Axe Out of a Major MCU Location


The latest issue of Heroes Reborn just unveiled the newest weapon of Power Princess and it was crafted from an iconic MCU location.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for “The Last Utopian Meets The Last Son of the Gods” by Jason Aaron, Erica D’Urso, Jason Keith, and VC’s Cory Petit  from Heroes Reborn #6, on sale now.

The Marvel Universe has long been home to some of the most fantastical realms and heroes that have ever come to life on the comic book page, and the world of Heroes Reborn is only different in its unrelenting brutality. Even the most breathtaking of landmarks have become twisted by this vision of reality created by Mephisto. In the absence of the Avengers, the Squadron Supreme rose as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and their relentlessness has left Power Princess wielding a weapon more powerful than the Stormbreaker held by Thor in the MCU.

Power Princess has been reveling in her latest victory over All-Gog, the Destroyer of Asgard, who currently rests among the other trophies in her garden in the stone form that is now his prison. As much as Zarda would like to drink the night away while patting herself on the back, a particularly ominous crack of thunder rings out and draws her attention. She hurries out to her garden, awakening Hercules from his stone form just long enough for him to laugh in the face of her questions, even while bound by her Chain of Veracity. If she cannot get the answers she seeks from Hercules, then she will seek them out herself, and from her trove of mystical weapons Zarda draws what might be the most miraculous blade that the Marvel Universe has ever seen – the Bifrost Axe.

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First introduced to the Marvel Universe in “Trapped by Loki, The God of Mischief” by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby from the pages of 1962’s Journey into Mystery #85, the Bifrost or Rainbow Bridge has long been a key location and mode of transportation for Asgard. Guarded by Heimdall the All-Seer, the Rainbow Bridge ferried Asgardians and their allies to and from the Ten Realms, as well as places even beyond that on occasion.

In Heroes Reborn, the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge during Ragnarok led Power Princess to gather the pieces that remained and fashion them into one of her greatest weapons. Not only is it a mighty blade with which to cut down her enemies, but with it she is able to travel across the realms in an instant, just as the Bifrost had done before its destruction. This piece of Asgard is one of the few remnants of its former glory alongside the God of Thunder himself, although he not pleased to see what has become of the Rainbow Bridge.

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Zarda’s Bifrost Axe may not pack nearly the punch that Mjolnir does, it is certainly at least as formidable as Beta Ray Bill’s former hammer Stormbreaker. Thankfully, the Bifrost Axe seems to survive Zarda’s encounter with the God of Thunder, so there is still a chance that it will be seen again.

Now that Thor has his own hammer Mjolnir back in hand, there is no doubt that he will be coming straight for the Squadron Supreme and anyone else that stands between him and the world he remembers. If Power Princess wants to stand a chance for their inevitable rematch, she should probably keep her own Asgardian weapon closer at hand.

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