Marvel’s Wonder Woman Has the Most Jaw-Dropping Arsenal in the Multiverse


The latest issue of Heroes Reborn showcases the impressive arsenal of Power Princess, the Squadron Supreme’s answer to Wonder Woman.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “The Last Utopian Meets the Last Son of the Gods” by Jason Aaron, Erica D’Urso, and Jason Keith from Heroes Reborn #6, on sale now.

Whether it’s the Justice League or any of its imitators, almost every hero finds themselves playing second fiddle to Superman, and the Squadron Supreme is no different. Their Superman is known as Hyperion, their Wonder Woman is known as Power Princess and while the power dynamic seems largely the same as in previous iterations of the team it turns out there is one notable difference: Zarda’s weapons may make deadlier than ever.

Some of the items seen in Zarda’s armory are artifacts familiar to the Marvel Universe. The interdimensional portal to other worlds known as the Siege Perilous is a drink dispenser in Zarda’s hand, and housed in her base on the Statue of Liberty it sits next to even more notable artifacts. Lying on the floor is Stormbreaker, the massive axe that served as Thor’s replacement for Mjolnir, and the omnipotent Destroyer armor stands at the ready in a corner. The Destroyer armor is even missing a limb, glimpsed earlier on the arm of the god-devourer All-gog just before Zarda defeated the villain to make him part of her statue garden.

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Set in an alternate reality where the Avengers never assembled and the Justice League-like Squadron Supreme rose to take their place, the Wonder Woman stand in proves to have an even deadlier arsenal than Diana of Themyscira. In fact, her most powerful weapons are those unique to Zarda but have parallels to Wonder Woman’s weaponry.

The story opens with Zarda wielding unbreakable wrist gauntlets reminiscent of those Wonder Woman famously uses to block bullets. Zarda’s are crafted of the magical metal uru, the same substance as Mjolnir, and bound to Zarda’s soul so that she can summon them to her side. So not only are they unbreakable, but they also have a devastating offensive use. Zarda also reveals that she has a weapon similar to the Lasso of Truth called the Utopian Chain of Veracity, that is capable of binding Hercules. These weapons only see limited use in the glimpses gleaned of them, but it’s in battle with Thor she shows off the best of her arsenal.

Zarda retrieves her Rainbow Axe from her arsenal while explaining that it is crafted from the last remaining shard of Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge. It seems to be a powerful weapon in battle when she faces off against Thor in the ruins of Asgard, which she refers to as the graveyard of the gods following its destruction. She opens her fight with Thor by stabbing him in the chest with the No-Blade, an invisible sword that pierces the god’s flesh without him realizing he was even in danger. Individually these weapons are impressive, but looking over the combination of them into one heroine’s kit leaves open the shocking possibility that Zarda may be even more powerful than Hyperion.

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Hyperion has quite a bit of raw power on his side, but with such a variety of weaponry that can be used to devastating effect, Zarda may prove even more powerful than Marvel’s Superman. Objects like the Rainbow Axe, Stormbreaker, and the Destroyer armor could make her deadly enough on their own, but with the lethally deceptive tactics of her No-Blade and uru gauntlets it’s entirely possible that Zarda is the real threat of the Squadron Supreme.

Given the boxes of weapons sitting around the Statue of Liberty, this may only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the weapons Power Princess has in her possession. She can only get deadlier from this point, making her truly worthy of her name and a threat that the Avengers should not take lightly.

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