New Snow Moon skins and Champion rebalancing with ‘League Of Legends’ patch


Riot Games has announced what players can expect to see in the newest League Of Legends patch.

The 12.2 patch launches June 23 and will see Snow Moon Caitlyn, Snow Moon Illao, Snow Moon Kayn and Ashen Knight Pantheon become available for League Of Legends players.

Champions in-game have also had an extensive rework to make play feel more balanced. Amumu sees his R base damage increased and Q mana cost decreased, with it now increasing with rank. Following heavy nerfs to his mana costs last season, his support had all but disappeared so he’s been granted more early power to his ult. Blitzcrank had been gathering some rust since the Durability update, so his hooks will now hurt more and feel more rewarding, whilst Dr. Mundo’s healing has been lowered, making his maximum dose injection more noticeable and rewarding when utilised.

Yuumi’s heals were still a bit too strong and her power level wasn’t quite crossing the line, so increasing her passive shield and movement but decreasing her base heal to shift this around should make her a more balanced champion. Zero has also seen some attention, with “shocking” damage via the crit multiplier, so that’s been nerfed but compensated with a health regen boost.

There are many more champions that see adjustments to their skill sets in this update, but alongside those, items such as Night Harvester and Shadowflame will be tuned to perform better too, as well as the Predator Rune being nerfed.

League of Legends Update 12.12. Credit: Riot Games

All jungle monsters and wards will now be visible instantly, even upon dashing or blinking into visible range, after players were experiencing frustrating moments and a brief delay with Vision.

Also included in the update was the return of the Essence Emporium. From June 28 to July 12, players can use Blue Essence to obtain chromas, ward skins, emotes, icons and more, including Emporium exclusives. Following its departure on July 12, the Essence Emporium will be going on hiatus whilst it is rebuilt. Currently, it is inefficient to the point it causes delays and feature cuts in other projects, such as events and missions. It will be returning after its rework, but players should be sure to spend all their Blue Essence during this time. To compensate for the temporary loss of the Essence Emporium, the three Gemstone icon bundles are being shifted into a chain of three missions which will be free for all players.

Mythic Chromas are a new type of content being added to the Mythic Shop, which update a skin’s visual effects as well as its model, and will launch for both Legendary and Mythic skins to begin with. Speaking of the Mythic Shop, it will rotate for the first time, seeing the likes of Ashen Knight Pyke and Prestige Arcanist Zoe amongst others leaving the shop, and bringing in Ashen Knight Pantheon, Hextech Ziggs and more.

Finally, team formation for the second weekend of Demacia Clash started on June 20, with the tournaments on June 25 and 26. Amongst a host of bug fixes and more notes, you can find the full patch notes here.

Update 12.12 comes following a teaser of an event, Return to Valoran City which League of Legends posted to its YouTube channel recently and sees Star Guardian skins returning to the game.

In other news, the Fall Guys servers have been struggling following the cross-platform, free to play relaunch.




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