One of Marvel’s Most Important Mutant Dynasties Is About to Get Bigger


The latest issue of Excalibur drops hints in the midst of the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala that indicate that an important mutant family is growing.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Excalibur #21 by Tini Howard, Marcus To, Erick Arciniega & VC’s Ariana Maher, on sale now

One of the most important ideas behind the Hellfire Gala was to promote mutant/human unity and a celebration of what Krakoa can be. And while some diplomatic efforts have gone poorly, one that hits closer to home is a cause for celebration.

At a time when things have rarely been more tense between the mutant nation of Krakoa and the United Kingdom, it seems like Brian and Meggan Braddock might be having another child — which is a joyful occasion but could make things even more complex between Krakoa and Great Britain.

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The Braddock family is quietly one of the most important family lines in the Marvel Universe. The Braddock family has long been a multiversal protector of the world, with Brian formerly serving as Captain Britain and as a member of the Captain Britain Corps. Meanwhile, his sister Betsy became a dedicated hero in her own right first as a spy and then as a member of the X-Men. She now serves as Captain Britain after Brian was forced out of the position following his brief corruption by Morgana Le Fay. Now, Brian serves as Captain Avalon — protector and champion of his reality-altering brother Jamie, who rules Avalon and is a formal ally of Krakoa.

Brian’s wife Meggan — the shape-shifting and mystically inclined mutant otherwise known as Gloriana — is also the mother of their young and brilliant daughter Maggie, who has already proven herself to be quite brilliant. The Braddocks have deep ties to the mystical protection of the world and have been major heroes across the globe. But now, it appears that their family is about to grow. During the Hellfire Gala, Meggan notably avoids champagne and has developed a fierce appetite. While Brian goes to get her food, a tipsy Nightcrawler — a longtime friend of the couple from their time on the original Excalibur team — teleports in to say hello. He congratulates Meggan, implying that he can tell his old friend is pregnant once again.

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Considering his own hope for more young mutants and his generally joyful views towards his old friends, Nightcrawler seems ecstatic about the whole situation, and doesn’t seem to realize what it could really mean. Although it’s not confirmed, such a revelation makes sense given Meggan’s attitude during the evening. Notably, Brian seems completely unaware of this possibility, and Meggan neither confirms nor denies the situation. But if it’s true, then one of Marvel’s most important dynasties is set to expand even more. With Britain and Krakoa already in a tense place, another member of the Braddock family — especially another child of Brian, a favored figure over his sister in the public’s eye — could be seen as a boon, expanding the family and earning some positive PR.

However, it could also spur more conversation as to why the human Brian Braddock can’t be Captain Britain, while his unmarried and more fierce mutant sister has taken his place in the role. While it’s likely to be a cause for celebration for the Braddocks, it might also introduce some unexpected complications to an already difficult situation — with a conflict over the creation of the Braddock Isle, the restoration of Morgana Le Fay, and the assassination of Pete Wisdom only escalating the conflict between Krakoa and the United Kingdom. A new Braddock baby could attract genuinely positive attention — or could lead to further problems.

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