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Sony will want to continue its impressive sales record set in late 2020 this year, but that will only happen if more PlayStation 5 restock events are announced.

While new PS5 stock has been hard to come by for those in the UK, there have been updates in the United States.

This included PS5 restock at Best Buy, which remains one of the only major retailers to offer more consoles in January.

The other was Gamestop, who reportedly offered a small digital update for PS5 gamers earlier this week.

This didn’t help most PS5 hunters, as only a small group of people could buy a PlayStation 5 console.

This is due to the number of people waiting to upgrade to a next-gen console but also because bots and scalpers are causing issues.

Analysts have shared their own feedback on this issue, warning that these problems could affect software sales further down the line.

According to some analysts, a “good hardware-software upward spiral” is needed to get maximum growth from the PlayStation 5.

But while most gamers are still waiting to buy a PS5, something interested was noted about the most recent update.

According to those tracking the recent PS5 sales, scalpers are staying clear of bundle deals for the PS5.

As many will already know, more expensive PS5 stock options are available when companies combine the next-gen console with games and extra controls.

And because it isn’t hard to buy extra games and controllers for the PS5, there’s no reason for scalpers to buy the extra stuff.

And according to gamers, these more expensive bundles are the ones that have lasted the longest, which makes sense.

So for those gamers who are able to spend more, there’s a chance you could get a PS5 console in January and February 2021.

Forcing gamers to buy expensive bundles will not fix the current issues with PS5 stock and most gamers will be waiting until the problems have been alleviated later this year.

Fans have been pointing out these bundles since late in 2020, with gamers debating whether it was worth buying them.

Another surprise PS5 restock that happened this week came from third-party company SUP3R5, who provided a special black design.

According to SUP3R5, there were 304 custom black PlayStation 5 consoles available, which no doubt caught the eye of Sony fans.

The special design has been inspired by the PlayStation 2 but comes with a premium price tag.

According to the site listing, this unique PS5 stock option cost $649.00, which is much higher than the bog-standard white version.

That’s putting a high price on the PS2 aesthetics, but it seems very likely that there will be plenty of fans hoping to snap one up.

The special Black PS5 is now out of stock and the consoles themselves aren’t expected to arrive until Spring 2021.




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