Quality communication in the office – the key to a successful business

In our time of advanced high technologies, it is impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone or the Internet. And although cellular operators offer the best tariffs, the quality of mobile communication outside the big city, in some remote towns and villages, and even in the city – in an office in a building with thick concrete walls continue to be poor.

One of the root causes of this unfortunate situation is the distance from the nearest base station, which the operator sets taking into account economic and geographical indicators.

However, there is a way out. You need to find a suitable 5G office signal booster to help you solve the problem. So let’s consider this opportunity in more detail.

A signal booster is a solution you need

Well, the most effective and economical solution to the problem of poor communication in the office is to buy a 5G signal booster. Without exaggeration, this unique, at the same time simple, and reliable equipment allows you to use a mobile phone without any interference, providing a stable signal and high quality of conversation. Another significant advantage of installing a cellular signal booster is reducing electromagnetic influence. That is, an amplifier is a device that amplifies the signal necessary for the operation of a mobile phone. It is designed to improve the quality of communication. The amplifier is the main element in the construction of the cellular communication amplification system.

For example, UCtel offers 5G signal boosters at the best value for money. One hundred percent improvement in communication applies to all operators without exception. Buying a 5G amplifier means saving your nerves and money, and even making money if you have your own business because you won’t miss a single important call from customers.

So that you understand the versatility of signal amplifiers, here is a list of the capabilities of such devices that provide signal amplification for any objects:

  •  located at a long distance from the base station;
  • buildings, the walls of which have a large thickness or are made with the use of metal;
  • offices, office centers;
  • enterprises and factories;
  • shops and shopping centers;
  • night clubs, restaurants and cafes;
  • warehouses and hangars;
  • basement floors and basements;
  • apartments;
  • country houses, cottages, dachas, etc.

Why is a high signal level important to you and your business?

You know and understand that it is essential to always stay in touch for business. In recent years, the principles of managing cases, and the possibility of storing and transferring files have also changed. All important information today is stored online – in cloud data systems. Thanks to this, you or your partners can access significant applications, tables, presentations, text, and graphic data from any city, any country in the world. All you need is internet access. Cloud applications are just one example of how much modern business depends on the Internet, it would even be more correct to say – on high-quality Internet. Another example is the widespread use of Skype and the video calling system. For successful operation, the connection must be reliable and stable, and the Internet speed must be high.

Poor communication directly affects the prospects of your company

Have you ever had such situations when you urgently needed to convey important information, but you could not do it because you were on the road? Of course, theoretically, you can drive in a car and simultaneously participate in an important Skype conference. In practice, it turns out that connecting to a 3G or 4G network is, to put it mildly, very unstable. If you miss an important call due to a bad connection, you can lose an important deal or contract.

Whether you like it or not, poor communication affects your company more than you can imagine. Therefore, one of the first requirements that buyers of office real estate are currently putting forward is excellent network coverage.

Doubts about the use of boosters

Many people who plan to start using the amplifier have reasonable questions about whether the 5G amplifier has any (possibly harmful) effect on the human body, whether the quality of the received signal depends on the device manufacturer, and whether it can affect the stability of the 5G signal neighbors, etc.

Does the 5G amplifier have a negative effect on the human body due to radiation?

Of course not. The booster even significantly reduces the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation on the human brain. If the mobile phone is used in a remote area where there is no network coverage (basement, basement), the phone’s radiation power in talk mode reaches 2 W, and when using a 5G repeater, the phone’s radiation power decreases to 0.2 W. It is not difficult to determine that the difference reaches a 10-fold value. Next, if the 5G booster is turned on, the signal level received by phone becomes almost maximum, and the mobile phone automatically reduces the output power of the transmitter to the minimum. Along with this, the intensity of the electromagnetic field decreases and, as a result, the negative impact on a person decreases. Moreover, the 5G amplifier has a metal body that provides double shielding and does not emit any radiation.

Is there a difference between boosters?

A 5G booster is a complex, high-tech device and by definition cannot be cheap. For example, the mobile phone amplifier used by UCtel is of high quality and has many features, including anti-interference, precise manual, and automatic gain control. When using cheap Chinese boosters, the interference they create constantly falls into the area of ​​radio frequency surveillance services of operators.

Is it legal to use cell phone boosters?

5G boosters are high-tech, the latest devices that meet quality standards. In each country, there is a quality certification, which confirms that this device meets the requirements and conditions of the law and that the installation of the device in the territory of this country is allowed.

From the above, we conclude that 5G boosters are absolutely safe for humans and the environment and effective in use.


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