Royal Family: Camilla shows ‘lack of confidence’ as she visits the Senedd in Cardiff


As the Prince of Wales, it made sense that Charles visited the Senedd today, accompanied by his wife and his mother. But Charles’ appearances in Wales are never without controversy as Welsh republicans have always been quick to claim that he is “not our Prince”. Today was no exception as République Cymru, a group advocating for the independence of Wales, wrote on Twitter: “We don’t need a monarch to validate our Senedd’s existence and right to exist as our seat of democracy within Wales. Its very existence was decided upon by the people and will one day be free of the vestiges of this ridiculous posturing to individuals. #NoKingsNoQueensNoCrowns.”

This is perhaps one of the reasons why Camilla looked apprehensive, according to a body language expert, when entering the Senedd this morning.

Prince Charles arrives at the Senedd first, wearing a mask and a suit, closely followed by Camilla.

The Duchess of Cornwall, on the other hand, had her mask dangling from her left ear – a decision which body language expert Judi James claimed was a sign of “dithering”.

Judi said: “Dithering is not a trait you’d normally associate with the royals.

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“Centuries of protocol and tradition have been created and adhered to in order to prevent top-level members of the firm from being caught out in any way, which is why this particular dither from the Duchess is not only unnecessary but also rather risky in terms of making an already rather nervous person like Camilla go down a route of a series of small blunders.”

The body language expert claimed: “A dithering royal has the effect of putting their hosts or guests off their stride, too.

“Mask-wearing might be a relatively new addition to our daily rituals but it’s been a ‘thing’ for long enough to make it easy for anyone at this level to navigate smoothly.

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“While Charles arrives way ahead of his wife with his face mask fully in place, Camilla steps through the doors with hers dangling from one ear, which is about the worst place for it as it is neither a decision to wear it nor to keep it off.”

Judi added: “To make matters worse she performs a truncated gesture, touching the mask before touching it again to waggle it in front of her face as though having no idea what the protocol should be.

“Her gesture looks like a question to her hosts, whose decision it really isn’t and the question has already been answered by her husband in terms of royal role modelling, so why not just copy his lead?”

The body language expert claimed this “dithering” could be seen as “endearingly lacking in confidence”.

However, Judi went on to say that Camilla was “about to perform a greeting ritual with her hosts and someone needed to have a strong sense of what is an appropriate form of greeting now the handshake is often no longer on the menu”.

She added: “People take their lead from the royals in situations like this and information has usually been sent out listing appropriate behaviour, meaning Camilla’s rule-breaking might have sparked a bit of a ripple effect.”

Despite her body language, Camilla’s choice of outfit to the Senedd was bold and confident, making her stand out from the crowd.

The Duchess opted for a red coat-dress – the colour representing the Welsh flag and thus paying tribute to the country and its people.

Camilla matched the garment with an extravagant red hat which featured spiky leaves and berries.

The hat was in a beret style, resting stylishly on the Duchess’ signature blonde bob.

Camilla’s mask was stripy and colourful, with the colours including red, green, purple, and blue.

As for jewellery, Camilla wore another piece to represent Wales: a small silver brooch in the shape of a leek.



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