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The team at Iron Galaxy, along with Epic Games, have revealed new details today about Season Two of Rumbleverse before it launches. We got a chance to check out a new preview of what they have planned for the season in a special event where they showed off the new seaside location that has a ton of beachfront property to explore, as well as some pretty interesting geological hazards you may run into. They also have a new mode of transportation that people will enjoy as you have the ability to pole swing! Essentially being able to do gymnastics all across the area that will save time on running around. A ton of new weapons have been added to the mix that will improve a lot of different aspects of battling and make things more interesting when you’re fighting it out. We have some of the patch notes revealed earlier today along with a couple of videos for you to enjoy as the season is now live.

Credit: Iron Galaxy

NEW Rumbleverse Location

  • Low Key Key has arrived!
    • The Low Key Key Department of Destinations & Tourism want a piece of Grapital City’s world-class Rumble! They’ve tied their island to powerful tugboats, dragged it across the ocean, and docked it on the east coast of Grapital City. What new adventures await in this ancient paradise? Head on over to Low Key Key to find out

NEW Traversal Ability

  • Pole Swing!
    • Press the Interact button to grab a pole and swing. Hold the button to keep swinging and let go to launch yourself off
    • Use this as a Power Priority attack, or for traversal, or to give a teammate a boost

NEW Special Moves

  • Added Rush family of Special Moves
    • Comes in CommonRare, and Epic 
    • This is a Traversal move that lets you plow through crowds like a wild animal
    • Hold the button to keep running
    • Runs faster than Dashing repeatedly
  • Added Edge family of Special Moves
    • Comes in CommonRare, and Epic 
    • Vicious attack that lets you spend stamina to carry an opponent around
    • Tap the attack button again to slam the opponent into the ground or toss them off a ledge

NEW Weapons

  • Added Potted Plant throwables
    • Throw these for a satisfying ceramic crunch
  • Added Chancla family of weapons
    • Comes in CommonRare, and Epic varieties
    • The most disrespectful weapon
    • Slap opponents silly with the basic attack and set up a combo
    • The Vicious attack knocks down
    • These have excellent tracking when thrown
  • Added Starfish family of weapons
    • Comes in CommonRare, and Epic varieties
    • This is our first Traversal focused weapon. Use either of its attacks to help you move around the Rumble
    • As a throwable, these critters have strong tracking
    • Low Key Key natives tell mysterious stories of Starfish talking to them…
  • Added Bucket throwables
    • Comes in CommonRare, and Epic varieties
    • Its throwable only, but when it breaks, another item is inside!
  • Added Oil Drum weapon
    • A variation of the Construction Barrel

NEW Consumable

  • Added Machos Nachos consumable to Rumbleverse
    • There is a rule in the Rumble that if you order fully loaded Nachos to share, one person can’t eat all the fully loaded one
    • Nachos restore 100hp per use but have 6 uses! That makes them great for sharing
    • Eating Nachos is much faster than eating Chicken

NEW Rumbleverse Perk

  • Insatiable – Always Hungry
    • When you are low on Health normally, you gain the Hungry status effect. This causes your next Food Item to heal 50% more than usual. With this perk, you’ll always have the benefit of the Hungry status effect

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