Shraddha Kapoor’s Fitness Mantra: Embracing Consistency, Balance, and Self-Care

Shraddha Kapoor has a versatile and chic fashion style. She effortlessly transitions from elegant red carpet ensembles to casual and bohemian streetwear. With a penchant for classic silhouettes, she adds her own modern twist to create unique and fashion-forward looks. Shraddha often embraces soft pastel hues, floral prints, and flowy fabrics, exuding a feminine and youthful charm. She isn’t afraid to experiment with bold statement pieces and accessories, adding a touch of edginess to her outfits. Whether it’s glamorous gowns or laid-back denim, Shraddha Kapoor’s fashion style showcases her innate sense of style and ability to pull off any look with grace and confidence.

Kapoor was recently announced as the brand ambassador for ASICS, and we had the opportunity to interview her about her fashion choices and favorite shoes. We also conducted a candid conversation with Rajat Khurana, Managing Director of ASICS India and South Asia, about their decision to partner with Kapoor and the brand’s future goals.

Question: Why did you choose to partner with ASICS?

Shraddha Kapoor: When it comes to brand partnerships, authenticity and shared values are of utmost importance to me. ASICS caught my attention for several reasons. Firstly, ASICS has a proven track record of providing top-notch products that enhance performance. As a fitness enthusiast, I admire their commitment to excellence and pushing boundaries. Additionally, ASICS’ focus on creating a positive impact resonated with me. They not only sell products but also promote a healthy lifestyle, empowering individuals. This aligns perfectly with my goal of inspiring others. By partnering with ASICS, I can represent a trusted brand and collaborate with a company that shares my passion for making a difference. Together, we can motivate countless individuals to lead healthier, happier lives through an active lifestyle.

Question: Why did you choose Shraddha Kapoor as your new brand ambassador?

Rajat Khurana: There were multiple factors that influenced our decision to appoint Shraddha Kapoor as the brand ambassador for ASICS. Her strong connection and appeal to our target audience played a significant role, and her versatility as an acclaimed actress resonates with our diverse demographic. Furthermore, her personal dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle aligns seamlessly with our brand values. The decision was made based on these considerations, ensuring a strong and authentic representation of ASICS.

Question: Can you tell us about your fitness regime and favorite workout?

Shraddha Kapoor: Consistency, balance, and self-care are the cornerstones of my fitness routine. I integrate fitness into my daily schedule, prioritizing it alongside other commitments. My goal is to have a well-rounded approach, incorporating running, cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Keeping things varied helps me stay motivated, while adequate rest and recovery are crucial. Nourishing my body with wholesome foods and staying hydrated is also important. Celebrating small victories and maintaining a positive mindset keeps me committed. Ultimately, my mantra promotes joy, self-care, and a healthy lifestyle for both physical and mental well-being.

Question: What is your go-to fashion look?

Shraddha Kapoor: When it comes to my go-to fashion look, I aim for a style that combines comfort and versatility. I believe in creating outfits that are effortlessly chic yet functional. One essential element that I often incorporate is a pair of sleek sneakers. Among my favorite brands, ASICS stands out for their exceptional quality and design. Their footwear not only adds a touch of sporty elegance to my outfits but also ensures all-day comfort.

In addition to my summer-inspired looks, I also embrace the concept of sustainable fashion. I believe in making conscious choices that are both stylish and environmentally friendly. Opting for clothing made from organic or recycled materials, supporting local and ethical brands, and embracing timeless pieces that can be styled in multiple ways are some of the ways I incorporate sustainability into my fashion choices.

Question: Do you have any natural beauty remedies that you swear by?

Shraddha Kapoor: Having sensitive skin has taught me the significance of being cautious about the products and treatments I use. I’ve found my ultimate solution in a natural homemade mask that never disappoints me: a blend of gram flour and oils such as coconut, jojoba, or rosehip oil. I strongly believe in the concept of ‘less is more’ when it comes to skincare, understanding that sticking to what suits my skin best is vital. In the mornings, I start my day by applying an ice pack to my face for a minute—a practice that works wonders in reducing puffiness and giving me a refreshed appearance. My daily skincare routine is incredibly simple: sunscreen and a lip balm are my trusted essentials before heading out. Taking care of my skin doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming; it’s all about discovering what truly works and sticking to it.

Question: What are some interesting consumer trends that your brand has observed in the Indian market?

Rajat Khurana: We have observed several interesting consumer trends in the Indian market. Firstly, there is an increasing emphasis on health and fitness, with people actively seeking sports and fitness products. Secondly, running has become popular as a recreational activity, driving the demand for high-quality running shoes and gear. Thirdly, the younger generation shows a greater awareness of sports and fitness, and we engage with them through targeted marketing and collaborations. Lastly, sustainability is a significant trend, with consumers seeking eco-friendly and socially responsible brands. As a brand, we have responded by incorporating sustainable practices into our products. These trends highlight the importance of health, fitness, running, youth engagement, and sustainability in the Indian market. We have adapted to these trends, ensuring that our products and brand align with the evolving needs and preferences of Indian consumers.

Question: What is the business outlook for the next fiscal year?

Rajat Khurana: The business outlook for the brand in the next fiscal year is optimistic. One key factor driving our growth is the increasing emphasis on health and fitness worldwide. With more people becoming conscious of their well-being and actively participating in physical activities, the demand for sports and fitness products is expected to continue growing.



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