Sins of a Solar Empire 2 Gets Surprise Announcement


Fans of sci-fi-themed real-time strategy games are likely to jump on their seat after hearing about the announcement of Sins of a Solar Empire 2.

Ironclad Games and Stardock Entertainment have once again partnered to make the sequel to 2008’s highly acclaimed RTS. The game can already be pre-ordered via the Epic Games Store at €31.99, though the price is expected to rise before the full release.

That’s right, Sins of a Solar Empire 2 will be launching in early access mode on October 27th. The initial release is expected to include the following features and content:

The TEC Loyalist faction will be part of our first early access release. It will contain the core gameplay systems, many of the TEC units and structures in single-player only.

At present, most of the gameplay systems are implemented. We are making steady progress on the visual content and overall UI/UX, representing roughly 1/4 of the content overall. We’re still working on many models, particle effects, damage effects and debris, user interface art, music, voice work, sound fx, and more.

The developers also warned that some old models and effects are still in the game as placeholders while new assets are being made. Sins of a Solar Empire 2 is expected to stay in early access for 12 to 18 months, though of course, that could vary depending on player feedback.

The game will stick to what worked in the first installment when it comes to 2D movement over the Homeworld-like 3D movement and also with the focus on sandbox gameplay over a story campaign. You can read the official features overview below.

Explore the tragic war between the desperate Vasari, emergent TEC, and the vengeful Advent as their struggle leaves them exposed to much greater threats. Each race will further distinguish their play styles with unique game mechanics, new and reimagined units, extensive research trees, and refined sub-factions. Strategic emperors evaluate the orbits of planets and moons in their colonization and fleet movement plans. Meanwhile, savvy battle commanders leverage ship positioning and point defense turret tracking speeds to intercept swarms of enemy missiles. At every level, Sins of a Solar Empire 2 is packed with new features, mechanics, and customization that open up a host of new strategies and tactics.

Sins of a Solar Empire 2 Features

Rule a Vast Space Empire Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate in a seamless blend of real-time strategy and 4X gameplay.

Lead One of 3 Races Play as the desperate Vasari, emergent TEC, or the vengeful Advent each with their own unique playstyle, tech tree, and units.

Amass an Epic Fleet Build and command thousands of high fidelity ships units that are effortlessly powered by a new 64-bit multicore engine.

Deploy your Battle Plan Planets orbit their stars, and turrets track individual missiles – a host of new mechanics opens new strategies and tactics.

Compete or Cooperate Up to 10 human or AI players can battle against each other via LAN or the Internet. Seamlessly rejoin games that are already in progress or save them for later.

Expand your Universe From simple balance updates to full conversions, enjoy in-game library support and creation tools for all types of mods.



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