Star Wars Officially Reinvents the Protosaber, the Jedi’s First Weapon, in Canon


During Star Wars’ War of the Bounty Hunters, the mercenary Boush fights someone wielding one of the galaxy’s forgotten ancient weapons.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters: Boushh #1, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Star Wars canon has primarily focused on the Skywalker Saga and has, for the most part, ignored much of the ancient timeline that Legends covered. While some little hints of the Galaxy’s past have been given out, and a brand-new comic just reintroduced a weapon from the Jedi’s ancient past. Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters: Boushh #1, by Alyssa Wong, David Baldeon, Israel Silva and Ariana Maher, shows a character trying to reinvent a protosaber and officially returns the weapon to Star Wars canon.

In Star Wars Legends canon, protosabers were the predecessors to modern lightsabers and were used in the Hundred-Year Darkness and Great Hyperspace War by Jedi and Sith alike. The weapons still used focusing crystals, but the technology was not advanced enough to housed an energy source within a compact hilt. Consequently, an external power pack – which was connected to the saber’s pommel by a cable — was necessary to power the blade. When technology sufficiently advanced, the protosabers were abandoned for the less cumbersome modern lightsabers.

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Boushh #1 gives the mysterious bounty hunter Boushh a backstory. Hailing from the planet of Uba IV, he and his gang of Ubese exiles travel the galaxy as high-profile guns for hire. During this issue, they take a job to kill off one Domina Tagge and the other familial executives of the Tagge corporation during a board meeting on the Acquisitor. However, their job becomes more difficult when Domina starts wielding a version of the Jedi’s protosaber.

Before they arrive on-site, Domina can be seen testing what she calls the Tagge Protoblade. It’s similar to Legends’ protosaber with two minor differences. First, its blade is not a pure energy blade; instead, it has a metal blade with a plasma field running around it. That could mean that there is no kyber crystal involved. Secondly, it’s attached to Domina’s wrist like a gauntlet, rather than functioning like a hand-held sword. Regardless, the weapon is far from perfect. Its energy yield is too high, and its core keeps overheating to the point that the weapon keeps shorting out.

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Star Wars Domina Tagge's protosaber

When the Ubese bounty hunters attack, Domina arrives, along with her impressive plasma blade skills. She injures one of the bounty hunters before it’s revealed that one of the Tagge family was a traitor and only hired Boushh’s crew to kill off his competition. Domina expected this, kills the family member with her shorted-out Protoblade and hires the bounty hunters to work for her against their former employer, offering to increase their payday.

While Domina’s exact motivation and goals are still not known, it seems like she wanted to replicate the Jedi’s weapon, but wanted to keep it cost-prohibitive enough to discourage the Empire from putting it into mass production. In all likelihood, she simply wanted a unique weapon, and she certainly seems to have found one with an update on this ancient weapon.

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