Temporary Buildings Planning Permission Application

Running a business successfully is a dynamic process that requires a lot of planning. For instance, you must know the best types of structures to use to meet all the needs of the business and save money and time as well. Many entrepreneurs are now turning to temporary structures because they have numerous benefits to the business.

To start, you may use hired temporary structures such as industrial tents, inflatable structures, temporary tents on wheels, and pre-fitted containers. But as your business grows and establishes a big brand name, you can transition to more durable temporary buildings made of stronger materials. These require appropriate planning designs and temporary buildings planning permission, especially if you are making large structures such as warehouses, showrooms, and workshops.

If your business is at this stage, a professional temporary structure expert will help you apply for permissions. To be on top of the game in your business, here is how to go about the process.

Understand Temporary Buildings Planning Permission

Interestingly, not all temporary structures are subjected to temporary buildings planning permission application. For instance, the UK authorities have exempted smaller temporary structures, and you are only required to seek permission for larger structures that will be used for more than a month.

To be precise, those in the UK planning to make temporary structures that are more than 100 m2 will have to seek temporary buildings planning permission. The same is true for those making structures to be used for more than a month.

If this is the case in your country, then you should consider using a professional to help you with the process. Fortunately, reputable service providers assist their clients before building the structures for them. Those in the UK can attest that Smart-Space is always helpful throughout the process.

Choosing and Creating the Design

One of the crucial requirements set by the authorities when applying for temporary buildings planning permission is submitting the design plans. So, you can sit down with your service provider and choose the design you want. Most of the time, they have modular designs, which will make your work easier. But if you are planning to use custom designs to suit your business needs, let the experts assess your space and develop designs for you.

Choosing modular designs saves time and money, but a custom design may meet your needs in a better way, especially when temporary structures will be set up around existing structures. Regardless, appropriate designs will increase the chances of obtaining the planning permission.

Application for Temporary Buildings Planning Permission

It is easy to make a temporary buildings planning permission application if you have all the requirements ready. It is a matter of filling out the provided form—mostly online—and then submitting it for assessment by the authorities. According to experts, a correctly completed form accompanied by all the necessary documents is likely to be approved. But in some cases, depending on your country, you might receive alternative results.

The authorities could determine that a revision is necessary. This means going back to the drawing board to make some things right. The good thing is that the authorities usually highlight the areas you need to work on before making another application.

Cancellation is also a possible outcome of a temporary buildings planning permission application, and this could be a result of many things. Usually, this has something to do with unsafe designs and sites or violations of any other regulations.


According to temporary buildings experts, a temporary buildings planning permission application is most convenient when you use a professional expert to help you. In this case, you should choose your provider very well to get an affordable package that includes the application. Actually, it is best to know if they will help from the beginning to avoid hidden costs and unnecessary delays.

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