The best choice for the next 10 years


A long-term strategy for investing in cryptocurrencies can bring colossal profits or equally tangible losses. The cryptoindustry is represented by thousands of digital projects – it is difficult even for an expert to choose a promising asset. There are many variables to consider. In addition, the list of coins is constantly updated with new ICOs. The unprecedented rise in the price of the No. 1 cryptocurrency – Bitcoin (BTC), which sets a new all-time high almost every day, again aroused increased interest among investors regarding the prospects of placing capital in digital financial instruments. Comparatively young projects keep up with the oldest token. Especially ecosystems on the foundation of DeFi (the sector of decentralized finance), which include another popular Ethereum token (ETH) among investors. Let’s dwell on several, according to most experts, the most promising digital investment projects in 10 years.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Despite the still unresolved problems with scalability, due to which transactions within the ecosystem are processed from 10 minutes or more, the legendary token rightly occupies 1 position in the mini-rating. The main fact that determines the stability of the oldest cryptocurrency project is the recognition by the United States and other states of Bitcoin as an official payment system. In addition, the following testifies in favor of long-term investment in BTC:

  1. Token listed on all cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. With regard to BTC, all settlements are carried out within the framework of international trading platforms.
  3. Exchange players are guided by the behavior of BTC – if the quotes of a digital asset fall, it is followed by a decrease in the value of other coins and vice versa.

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Ethereum (ETH)

Over the past two years, the exchange rate has grown by 1000%, experts say that growth will continue in 2021. This currency is popular all over the world. A feature of the base is that it was created by a team of professionals who regularly upgrade the platform, so that coins can be mined much faster than before. It is believed that this is the only currency that can seriously compete with the sensational bitcoin and exceed its rate. Therefore, the second well-deserved place is occupied by Ether.

Ripple (XRP)

Chinese cryptocurrency project, which occupies the 3rd position, is a frequenter of ratings by capitalization. The attractiveness of long-term investment in Ripple lies in the DLT parent protocol, which, according to OMFIF, in the future can become an alternative to SWIFT, realizing a number of urgent tasks:

  •  security;
  •  speed;
  •  cost;
  •  transparency and risk hedging.

Given the growing support of the European Commission regarding the introduction of digital currencies, the development of legislation aimed at integrating and regulating the DLT protocol, tokens, Ripple’s bright prospects do not seem fantastic or overvalued.

Technology features

Any cryptocurrency differs from the state one in that it has no physical backing. In addition, transactions with it guarantee anonymity, and the centralization inherent in banks is completely absent. Bitcoin is open source, which allows the creation of cryptocurrencies similar to it. The cost of such a currency depends on its demand, the complexity of its production. The course may differ significantly, but it is quite possible to single out promising cryptocurrencies.


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